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  • Step By Step - Method Man
    "This goes out to all the big head niggaz And all them big head bitches You know my steez-o Yo, yo, yo, yo Deadly melodic, robotic steez-o blur your optic So you can't see the topic, condition combo Blaze"
  • Step by step - DJ Wieslaff Long
    "Step by step I już po kroku, będziecie wszyscy w szoku, jak jedno lato w roku, ja raz zatańczyć chcę I widze jak skaczecie, jak nieba dotknąć chcecie przynajmniej Wy umiecie prosze nauczcie mnie."
  • Step By Step - Eyedea
    "(Eyedea) I got a little story to tell See it was September 1st, 1999, the day of my death My back was on the cold concrete as I take my last breath Saw my body laying on the ground as my soul hovered above"
  • Step by step - Eddie Rabbit
    "The dream, wide brokenSeemed like all was lostWhat would be the futureCould you pay the costYou wonder,Will there ever bea second time around?Woah-a, woah-aWhen the tears are overAnd the moment has comeSay"
  • Step by step - Norton
    "I believe in miracles I believe in signs And I believe that mountains move One prayer at a time If I could be an angel I'd make your every wish come true But I am only human Just a woman Lovin' you Where"
  • Step and a step - NiziU(니쥬)
    "It’s ok Just be as you are Just relax You’re not falling behind When you’ve lost your way Why not stop for a moment? Take your time Turn around and look back See your footprints? Always, i am proud"
  • Step Inside - Gomez
    "Harry's on the run, he has got good reason Since he bought a gun, he'll never sleep again The widow sleeps alone, she never shuts her window Mandy knows what's fun, she just don't know what's right Come"
  • No step - Jethro Tull
    "I looked out of my window, saw a stencil black, No step. No step. There were nervous mothers with children crying in the back. No step. No step. Someone bought me my ticket, now I'm on the wing. Hope my"
  • Step Inside - Rhodes Happy
    "All's quiet now Step inside, step inside All's quiet now Step inside, step inside My mind Experience the other side I'm crying now Step inside, step inside I'm crying now Step inside, step inside My"
  • Step Out - Rappin Aly C
    "Step Out Come step out Just step out Step Out You hide under your quilt, bunched up and cowered While all that you had before is now devoured You're being attacked by a velociraptor You're being over"

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