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Freddie Mercury Foolin Around

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Freddie Mercury Foolin Around
  • Freddie Foxxx Freddie Foxxx is Here
    "Music is deep, get you drunk like a six-pack The man on the mic hittin hard like a full back Freddie is back and the Foxxx is in motion Rhymes are smooth like I greased em with lotion The Terrorist cuts"
  • Freddie Bruno Freddie B-R-U-Know
    "Light my pen with the brain cell marvelous Lethal rap sheet killin off empty martyrs Slaughters of the philistine cancel you You mumble under breath talk about advancing who? Yo you way behind and betta"
  • Jefferson Starship Fast Buck Freddie
    "He said hold a dollar bill up to the mirror And I'll show you something funny It's only a fast buck, but It's so hard to make that kind of money. Now it's hard to get serious when the joker Is laughing"
  • Paul Hardcastle Foolin' Yourself
    "You're playing games and messing up my life making everything go wrong. How much of this do you think I can take ? I'll have to change before too long. Now the games that you play and the words that"
  • Melanie Foolin' Yourself
    "Are you foolin' foolin' yourself? - Are you foolin' foolin' yourself? Are you foolin' foolin' yourself! - Are you foolin' foolin' yourself? To think I was a fool and I've been beaten - A thought like that"
  • Aldo Nova Foolin' Yourself
    "So long, it's sad to say but you're only foolin' yourself So long, I'm glad you're happy that way But you're only foolin' yourself I saw you walk down the street with somebody new It's funny, people I"
  • Eric Carmen Foolin' Myself
    "(Eric Carmen) Seems so crazy, but I guess it's true Girl, you've really got a hold on me Well I've been hurt before So now I must be sure Are you feelin' it too Maybe this time it's true Or am I foolin'"
  • Billie Holiday Foolin myself
    "I try to keep you out of my heartBut somehow I findTrying to keep you out of my heartI'm out of my mindI tell myself "I'm through with youAnd I'll having nothing more to do with you"I stay away, but every"
  • Billie Holiday Foolin' Myself
    "I try to keep you out of my heart But somehow I find Trying to keep you out of my heart I'm out of my mind I tell myself "I'm through with you And I'll having nothing more to do with you" I stay away,"
  • Leo Sayer Only Foolin'
    "when we're round at a friend's houseyou act so precious and cooltell her I'm nothin' special at alljust somebody who's passin' throughjust sombody who's passin' through and here I am tryin' to tell you"

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