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  • Wild Hope - Mandy Moore
    "In the crazy world Anything can happen If you will it to I'm just a hazy girl Blurring all the edges Only seeing blue CHORUS It's a Wild Hope A Wild Hope A Wild Hope Everything will be alright Lost inside A"
  • Latest Mistake - Mandy Moore
    "There is part of me that wants an answer And part of me that doesn't want to know Part of you that I am in love with And the part that I am willing to let go This is a delicate unraveling Now and then"
  • Ladies Choice - Mandy Moore
    "You did everything I asked you not to Look where it got you I'm sure You heard it before How could you? Baby, why would you? Goodbye, sweetheart Countdown started Words are heavy But I'm far from broken"
  • Gardenia - Mandy Moore
    "Well, I put so much thought into getting ready Now I know that was the best part It's so easy to get caught up in what I'm regretting Forget what I got from a wounded heart CHORUS I'm the one who likes"
  • Swept Away - Mandy Moore
    "Try to find one more moment Before we open our eyes Give me something more from this ocean A kiss that we don't have to hide I hold you the way that I handle my heart Quietly guarded and still I'm swept"
  • Can't You Just Adore Her? - Mandy Moore
    "She likes chocolate in the morning She drinks her coffee late at night You can sense that she is guarded But that's alright She'll fall asleep while your still talking With unfinished books beside her"
  • Breaking Up In Two - Mandy Moore
    "Breaking Us In Two Lyrics Don't you feel like trying something new Don't you feel like breaking out or breaking us in two You don't do the things that I do You want to do the things I can't do Always"
  • Changed My Mind - Mandy Moore
    "(M.Moore/L.McKenna) An unexpected phone call in an open afternoon I knew I'd love to get to know you But I thought it was too soon Deep in conversation I discovered so much more Than what I ever had expected"
  • Christmas - Mandy Moore
    "I'm not supposed to feel this way We're closing in on Christmas day When the world is upside down We're gonna make it through Somehow... Don't you worry We'll be fine Snow will fall And stars"
  • Could Have Been Watching You - Mandy Moore
    "(M.Moore/Hem) I've seen the shadows casting the spells Sunlight was flashing on somebody else When I could have spent this whole night Watching you I've not seen the city so down in the rain Still I can"

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