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Paluch x Sobota x Gedz x NEST

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Paluch x Sobota x Gedz x NEST
  • Loretta Lynn Rated X
    "(Loretta Lynn) Well if you've been a married woman and things didn't seem to work out Divorce is the key to bein' loose and free so you're gonna be talked about Everybody knows that you've loved once"
  • Enter My Silence Filter X
    "Placed in the most vulnerable place we can bear Creating illusions which adhere from this moment to the last What a perfect lie... maintained by the X that dwells inside We cannot kill it, can't live"
  • Acda En De Munnik 1000 X
    "Acda en De Munnik Miscellaneous 1000 X Soms heeft ze iets in haar hoofd Ik heb het nooit zo geloofd Want hetzelfde verhaal hoorde ik al een 1000 x Ze heeft het helder gezien Ze zegt dat morgen misschien"
  • Psyche X-Rated
    "You've got the face and the temperament Time for action on the World Wide Web Links for every taste from A to Zed All that you want with Adult Check Privacy, security No limits sensuality The camera's"
  • Die Toten Hosen Agent X
    "You never say what you feel, you're like a cog in a wheel. You better be quiet, never rebel or riot. Could it be that you are free? When their eyes can see what you're doing all day long, whistle hum"
  • Camouflage X-Ray
    "Focus my eyes, I'll get in your mind, sleepy now I'll do no harm in any kind Truth can ease it, what you can't deny, everyone is hiding something deep inside. Try to be wide open, I will promise, that"
  • Natalie Pastrana Simple X
    "Ser parte del abecedario de la vida sera gratificante no ser conocida sobrevivir sin popularidad es tan dificil como ser normal. para una simple x no es tan divertido no por eso hoy te pido una pisca"
  • Yyrkoon Doctor X
    "Doctor X Stifle screams coming from That unknown room Go through the thick wall And break the silence The doctor is here to share And experiment on stolen Souls some new theories Through the tinted"
  • Ray Davies X-Ray
    "Don't be fooled by appearances, It only shows what the world already knows Don't rely on the physical evidence Of what the x-ray pictures show Because inside every straight upright citizen a tormented Emotionally"
  • Pre)Thing Won X
    "It goes on and on Like you know it's over And then you Read and you write And then you Wonder why And then you Find yourself alone And then you Maybe you call on the phone And then you Take that song And"

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