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barman i amfa

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barman i amfa
  • Martin Kesici I
    "Another bullet shots a victim someone is taken to his grave I never be a hero it's becoming harder to be brave everyone seems blinded how do I feel myself from pain the more I think about it as I slowly"
  • Paramaecium I
    "I have life, I have time, I I have life, I have time, I I stood inside the cave by the mound of the Skull Examined that which was interred The bones in this grave were human and whole My mind held doubts"
  • Petey Pablo I
    "Man holla at ya dog Petey Petey hey yall hey yall Carolina bird dog, still got my shirt off Still reppin' for convicts in Sing-sing to Burgaw Still rockin' with T-T-Timbaland uh-uh uh-uh I got a different"
  • The Jayhawks I
    "Walk around the world Feel the destruction I read all about it I know all the headlines And I say to myself, "What a lucky man! Glad Im alive, I can go where I can" Chorus: Im not in prison Im not in prison Im"
  • Kiss I
    "I was so frightened I almost ran away I didn't know that I could do Anything I needed to And then a bolt of lightning Hit me on my head Then I began to see I just needed to believe in me Now I, I believe"
  • Velvet Empire I
    "I, I, I, iiiii. ''(x3)'' What if I, had chosen to, Make a left, when I should have made a right and, What if I, followed though, And chilled with my crew last night. What if I, took the call and Stayed"
  • Juanes I
    "Making the soul grow old Trying to find my place im wrong Nothings good but staying cold I dont wanna live in here anymore I tried to be so happy But instead i was happily sad Maybe i just have scruled"
  • Taproot I
    "I'm seeing tunnel vision in a world that's dark and cold i can't believe how much i've changed since the days of old i know it's temporary but i need to focus straight i can't believe i lost control of"
  • The Moffatts I
    "Woke up this morning and you weren't there, The only scent was your perfume in the air. How could something come and go so fast? I guess this was just a one night romance. I, I loved you I loved"
  • Status Quo I
    "I, I who have nothing I, I who have no-one Adore you and want you so I'm just a no-one with nothing to give you, but oh I love you He'll, he'll buy you diamonds Bright sparkling diamonds But believe me,"

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