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    "Aquabats Miscellaneous GIANT ROBOT BIRD HEAD Out of the sky The Floating Eye Will prophecy and pretend That this is the end The people run, Run to the hills Run for their lives to flle The"
  • Stan Ridgway Uba's House Of Fashions
    "The door swung wide, I walked right in I was a long way off from where I'd been From behind a desk, inside a cool green cloud A strange low voice told me then to join the crowd Chorus: At Uba's Uba's Uba's Fashions Fashions Uba"
  • William Sheller Symphoman
    "Sur deux semelles de gomme Il tire un jean troit du bas Dans un blouson rouge-pomme Deux contrebasses au bout des bras Il shoote dans des botes de bmols Il se fout du style Il n'a pas bien suivi l'cole Mais"
  • Supertramp Take a look at my girlfriend
    "Take a look at my girlfriendShe's the only one I gotNot much of a girlfriendNever seem to get a lotTake a jumbo across the waterLike to see AmericaSee the girls in CaliforniaI'm hoping it's going to come"
  • The Wallflowers Song 2
    "(by Blur) I got my head checked, By a jumbo jet, It wasn't easy but nothing is, No When I feel heavy metal, And I'm pins and I'm needles, Well I lie and I'm easy, All of the time but I am never sure,"
  • Plain White T's Song 2
    "Woo-hoo Woo-hoo Woo-hoo I got my head checked By a jumbo jet It wasnt easy But nothing is, no When I feel heavy metal And Im pins and Im needles Well I lie and Im easy All of the time but Im never sure"
  • 2+1 California mon amour
    "Bywa, że spełnia się najdziwniejszy z przedziwnych sen, Wariat traf nagle wskaże ci, weźmie cię w ramiona Jumbo Jet. California mon amour - śmieszne niebo, co nie zna chmur. California mon amour"
  • Blur Woo Hoo
    "I got my head checkedBy a jumbo jetIt wasn't easyBut nothing is no...Woo hoo...When I feel heavy metalWoo hoo...And I'm pins and I'm needlesWoo hoo...Well I lie and I'm easyAll of the timeBut I'm never"
  • Mocca Swing It Bob!
    "* Hello Dear! What can I do for you? Will you go and swing along tonight? Just take a step and they'll do the rest Just let it flowand you will glow Just like the moonbeam up in the sky tonight Never"
  • Forgive-Me-Not Song 2
    "(Bonustrack) (Blur cover) Woo-hoo! I got my head shaved By a jumbo jet It wasn't easy But nothing is, no When I feel heavy metal And I'm pins and I'm needles Well I lie and I'm easy All of the time"

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