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  • Basket Case - Danger Doom
    "(Harvey Birdman) Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we all lived through the 70's The clothes, the music, the heartwarming but rarely amusing Ziggy cartoons Now, later, who are we to look at these two,"
  • 3rd Wish - South Park
    "First Verse : Another deadly ceremony, In a sacred territory, It was all done for the glory, You bitches ain't got nothin' for me O-G, from the H-I, double L, W, double O, D Live the life of the"
  • Measuring Cups - Andrew Bird
    "Get out your measuring cups and we'll play a new game Come to the front of the class and we'll measure your brain We'll give you a complex and we'll give it a name Get out your measuring cups and we'll"
  • Jaś i Małgosia - NOVY YA
    "naszą Małgosie kojarzy niestety już każdy w mieście lajki na insta mówi ze ona niewinna chyba ze weźmie kreskę gdy wieczorem siedzi przy barze spod bluzki wystaje jej różowy gorset nie podchodź w koszuli"
  • Anti-Matter - King Geedorah
    "(MR FANTASTIK) From Venus to Mars back to Earth back to the x p o Satellite It's showtime nigga King Geedorah on the boards (King Geedorah) MF Doom and I am Mister Fantastik (MR FANTASTIK) Expeditiously"
  • Vienna - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    "Since I was a child I've seen her in a dream A captured fairytale That echoes cross my life And though I've courted her She's always stayed unseen Now all at once she Glitters in the night But that was"
  • The Call Of The Absu Deep - Ancient
    "(music by Aphazel, Lyrics by Grimm) You lie still, forever dreaming. Belior, thy serpent calls to thee. Hear me, mighty Cthulu, living on a dream. Cthulu, Lord of dreams. Tiamat, Lord of Seas. Ariel,"
  • Trumps Of An Archangel - Ancient
    "(music by Aphazel, Lyrics by Grimm) Reveal to me, let me see, the precious face of yours. In darkness, where I'm alone, come forth with your wars. You, forever my lord. You, forever my lord, I always"
  • Bionic Mc - Akhenaton
    "Voici le modle MF 312 Compar son prcdent modle, il a bien plus de capacits Le MF 312 est unique en son genre Son efficacit est incontestable Il a t conu spcifiquement pour brler le micro Mais bon, sans"
  • Call it democracy - Bruce Cockburn
    "Padded with power here they come international loan sharks backed by the guns of market hungry military profiteers whose word is a swamp and whose brow is smeared with the blood of the poor who rob life"

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