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  • Big In Japan - Guano Apes
    "Winter's city side Crystal bits of snowflakes fall around my head and in the wind. I had no illusions That I'd ever find the glympse of summer heatwaves in your eyes You did what you did to me Now it's"
  • Big In Japan - Alphaville
    "Winter's cityside Crystal bits of snowflakes All around my head and in the wind I had no illusions That I'd ever find a glimpse Of summer's heat waves in your eyes You did what you did to me Now it's"
  • Big in Japan - Initial D
    "9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..0Big in japan big in japanBig in japan big in japanFlash and fight, love desireFeel alright, into the fireLost in time, lover's warriorsPeople of the nightSuperstition, heavy"
  • Boom boom Japan - Initial D
    "Welcome to TokyoFull of sensationNew generationOpen your mind to realityEveryone, everywhereIs so beautiful, like a woman - desireFull of energy filled with energy!Go for yourself, and see what i mean!Boom"
  • Big In Japan - Tom Waits
    "I got the style but not the grace I got the clothes but not the face I got the bread but not the butter I got the winda but not the shutter But I'm big in Japan I'm big in Japan But heh I'm big in Japan I"
  • Made In Japan - John Entwistle
    "(J. Entwistle) Track Music, Inc. I went down to my tailor, to get myself a suit, and to measure It's been a long long time since I looked like a gentlemen of leisure He spent an awful lot of time on my"
  • Stereo in Japan - Spiller
    "Hey man dont you know Theyre playing me on the stereo in Japan And as crazy as it seem Its coming from the x-girl of my dreams And Id like to be with you If you want the same thing too Just to travel to"
  • Made In Japan - Great Kat
    "(Japanese Corporation Raider:) "Um...Okay...Let us see Three billion dollar to buy your corporation?? You want cash??" There's no place left for Americans! They're buying out the WHOLE DAMN WORLD! ALL"
  • Somewhere Near Japan - The Beach Boys
    "Late last night I got an S. O. S. The fairy tale girl's in deep in distress She says I don't know where I am But it's near Japan My engine's all burned out My crew has all bailed out I don't know where"
  • Dreaming Of Japan - Andy McCoy
    "The land of the rising sun So in demand the Yen gains strength by the day buying power Japan flowers spreading flowers scent Enveloping our globe Since I arriving (sic) Been watching bullet trains Hit"

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