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Coma Leszek Zubilowicz

  • Weighing War on Coma - The (International) Noise Conspiracy
    "Dead from the waist up Constant coma keeps us all corrupt, yeah! Weighed down with our blinds shut No wonder that we feel so fucked up Condemned to a blank mind Waste product of the production line New"
  • Town In A Coma - Kamera
    "Lend me a hand, Won't you sing me a song I't been quiet for so long In this hand-me-down town of the listless and starved Sing a song, Just a song, To break the silence that hangs like a blackout Break"
  • Girl Friend In A Coma - Archive
    "Girlfriend in a coma, I know I know - it's serious Girlfriend in a coma, I know I know - it's really serious There were times when I could Have murdered her (But you know, I would hate Anything"
  • Conscious Life For Coma Boy - Aereogramme
    "Potent mix of wonder Ignorance and fear A place to hide under A secret place to keep Self serving answers Paper-thin belief Bury your soul with me I know I'd like A conscious life I don't know how to"
  • Illusion, Coma, Pimp and Circumstance - Prince
    "She knew which fork 2 use but she couldn't dance So he hipped her 2 the funk in xchange 4 the finance Who's pimpin' who if nobody gets a second chance? This is the story of illusion, coma, pimp & circumstance She"
  • Ex-Girlfriend In A Coma - Coltrane Motion
    "the kids are at it in the parking lot with their shirts off, don't stop we love disco! oh, you think you're happy oh, you think you're so smart you think you're clever oh, you think you're falling apart they"
  • C.O.M.A - Kali Gibbs
    "Siedzę sam przesłuchałem wszystkie płyty W popielniczce kiepy w domu chillout bez ekipy, znów Dzień jak co dzień, a raczej lata lipy zarobie co wylatam wiesz mam lepkie wity Mam lekkie tripy, chyba brak"
  • Coma Black: Eden Eye/The Apple Of Discord - Marilyn Manson
    "My mouth was a crib and it was growing lies I didn't know what love was on that day my heart's a tiny bloodclot I picked at it it never heals it never goes away I burned all the good things in The Eden"
  • Keep The Peace - Coma
    "I know you’ve got a bad feelings man I hope it’s just a matter of time Don’t lose your temper, Keep your peace and everything’s gonna be alright Something’s going on in the city Something is wrong in"
  • C.O.M.A. - Violent Work Of Art
    "Distant memories of pain, keep occupying my brain. Where do they all come from? Fade into transparency, this time it won't be in vain. Towards oblivion. Helpless Senseless, insane Graceless Faithless and"

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