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Foreigner -
  • Foreigner Growing Up The Hard Way
    "He's got nothing to say, he's got no excuse He's just made that way, and he's gonna stay that way Like a dog on the loose in a firework display in a world of his own No, no, no, he won't back down or go"
  • Foreigner Reaction To Action
    "(spoken: Check 1, 1, 1) Alright It's hard getting through to me I'm truly elusive I got my own point of view I am the one of a kind And I tell you l'il girl I'm fascinated by you There's something about"
  • Foreigner Stranger In My Own House
    "(a capella: She said: Boy, your luck is running out...she make me feel like a my own house) I come stumbling in at a quarter to three To the sound of my own dog growlin' at me I'm scared"
  • Foreigner A Love In Vain
    "Long night, too long and lonely Laying there asking myself Hey, what's going on with you and me How could I be so unaware So blind I could not see Knowing you'd be there And always would be Is anyone"
  • Foreigner Down On Love
    "Some people stay all alone and hide They don't even want to know the reason why They've given up on finding someone new But new love comes, it's gonna come for you When true love comes, it's gonna comfort"
  • Foreigner Two Different Worlds
    "I know this girl, she's always on my mind She lives in her world and I live in mine I should forget about her and I've tried Lord knows I've tried But I want to know her, and here's the other side I've"
  • Foreigner She's Too Tough
    "My girl, everybody says she's alright And I know that she's more than alright Well, she's a hard headed woman Got a mean attitude I may have bitten off more than I can chew I get a little light headed At"
  • Foreigner Heart Turns To Stone
    "The days and nights you sit around wondering where can she be Hoping that she might appear, out of nowhere But you fail to see All the hurt inside, the wounded pride Ooh what she went through for you You"
  • Foreigner Can't Wait
    "I've been on this road a long time I've been travellin' for days But it seems I'm getting nowhere I just can't find my way I've been following directions But they must be out of date And I can't, and I"
  • Foreigner Say You Will
    "Say you will, say you won't Make up your mind tonight Say you do, say you don't Wanna be mine Say you will, say you won't Make up your mind this time Say you will, say you won't Be mine tonight I can't"

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