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Marquess - Arriba');

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Marquess - Arriba');
  • Marquess La vida es limonada
    "Un perfecto tiempo,Un fuerte momento...Hola con padres, que tal? bienLa nieve ha pasado, los malos pensamientos tambienLa melancolia ha terminado ya la primavera ha comenzadoEsperado por este dia, gracias"
  • Marquess Wonderman
    "She said: I want to please you He said: Ill do you right She said: whatever you do how youll know what I like Bridge: One step forward with the happy man Two steps back with the man I cant stop baby please"
  • Marquess World in danger
    "(Peace to the world) Baby please don't say a word You know I love you endlessly But all the news I have heard Became a part of you and me Don't think I became a stranger Or my love is not for real I just"
  • Marquess You used to
    "Fly, babe, fly, fly Chorus: You used to spell happiness You dont do it anymore You used to come home and fall asleep But you dont want no more There used to be a rainbow where you standing now Not there"
  • Marquess Your symphony
    "Lady wont you play me your symphony? Be the melody I need to sing Beat me Hate me but care for me Youll ease my pain Chorus: We are lonely, lonely friends And we know We believed that theres no end But"
  • Marquess Late
    "Im counting people walking through doors the man whos working there he stares at me he must be wondering if I am crazy cause since two houres I am standing here I am waiting for my lady might be rain or"
  • Marquess Love is
    "These are the hands that hold you everyday And everyday they feel the same Some people say that?s when you?ve found your way But I don?t think love is? There is a sun that warms you everyday Never the"
  • Marquess Love me
    "I just called To tell you a secret The crossroads of our loves Where we still meet But I see your love is aching And I dont know what to do Cause I think my heart is breaking Tell me how it feels for you?"
  • Marquess Mary Grey
    "I don't want to be a politician I don't want to be a fake I don't want to talk about my mission I don't want to be a snake I don't want to be a so-frustrated Lovely SuperHeroMan I just want - I just want"
  • Marquess All gone
    "I wonder how you feel The moments you're alone I wonder if it still feels good No disguise No more lies The past you just ignore Erase the memories There's nothing worth to keep at all Just forget No regret You"

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