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  • Sharks - Olsen Twins
    "Unlike the humpbacks, they never sing.They don't do flips that's a dolphin thing.You try to train 'em, it doesn't stick.Cause sharks have only...only one trick.Their main event is a set of teeth.Plus they"
  • Goin' through our mom's stuff - Olsen Twins
    "Chorus:Goin' through our mom's stuff, havin' lots of funGoin' through our mom's stuff, it's a trip to sift throughTryin' on some costumes, thinkin' 'bout the timesTryin' on some costumes, what a really"
  • Gonna stay in the bathtub - Olsen Twins
    "Mary-Kate: Hey, Ash! There's water dripping from the ceiling!Right into my cereal.Ashley: It must be our brother. He's upstairs taking a bath.Mary-Kate: I told you we should have sold him.Bring on the"
  • Have yourself - Olsen Twins
    "Hey, I got one for you guys.Mary-Kate & Ashley: Great! Cool!Check it out!Mmm...It's Christmas time...Have yourself a merry little Christmas.Let your heart be light,From now on our troubles will be out"
  • Holiday in the sun - Olsen Twins
    "I could live a thousand yearsIf I could be alone with youYouEvery second of my lifeI would never play the foolNever turn my back to youI was the one who saw you firstA grain in the sands of the universeI"
  • Show and tell - Olsen Twins
    "Ashley: Yeah, yeah, Bob. That should do it.Mary-Kate: Who was on the phone so early in the morning?Ashley: Our friend, Bob. He wanted to know the best way topretend he's sick.Mary-Kate: How come?Ashley:"
  • Silent night - Olsen Twins
    "Noel, Noel...Silent night, Holy nightAll is calm, all is brightRound you virgin Mother and ChildHoly infant so tender and mildSleep in heavenly peaceSleep in heavenly peaceSilent night, holy night,Shepherds"
  • Sleigh ride - Olsen Twins
    "Ashley: Mary-Kate, our ride is here!Mary-Kate: A horse?Ashley: And a sleigh.Mary-Kate: All right!Sleigh ride! Sleigh ride!Go Terry!Just hear those sleigh bells jingling,Ring ting tingling too(Sleigh ride)Come"
  • Honky tonk hip hop - Olsen Twins
    "Break out the rhinestones and the denimPull on your fancy boots, your cowboy hatThe wild west is where we're headedIn mini-skirts or a pair of chapsFrom Nashville to New YorkThey're doin' a dance that"
  • How the west was fun - Olsen Twins
    "That winter was a bad one,for thirty days it snowed,the minute school was over,we packed the care and hit the road.It teetered there, the worse for wear.A dude ranch in decay, the bunk house leaked,the"

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