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Figh Song

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Figh Song
  • Marvin Gaye Anna's Song
    "This is Anna's song Im making love all night long, Take a bath in milk, and lay on your satin sheets Laughing smiling,(oh oh) Lay a while in,(oh oh) Chocolate mint,candy sweets (living across the way)cross"
  • Jerry Jeff Walker Last song
    "Well this might be the last song that I'm ever gonna write Cause the world seems more confused to me than any time in my life I know it all sounds crazy but, if it turns out to be true Than the last song"
  • Kenny Rogers Love Song
    "Why do people cry when They hear the word goodbye In a love song Tears are sure to fall When you know they gave it all In a love song Somehow two lovers get a Chance at a beautiful romance And you wish"
  • Universal Poplab Sad Song
    "We'll come a long way To rip out the heart of your city Install a filter To get rid of everything pretty What we give is what we will receive What we give is what we will receive It just takes a sad"
  • Claude Kelly Love Song
    "Yeahhh ohhh Yeahhhhhh Baby ohhh woah woah Listen, Culd it be love if u only met her once I never got her name B4 she left the club It must be destiny, the way u completly Gon take over my mine Now wen"
  • Neil Diamond Elijah's Song
    "Got a rock and roll ditty From the heart of the city To a country lane far away Drums are beatin' And the bass repeatin' And it rocks you to sleep just the same Sleep, safe and warm Dream cares be gone You"
  • John Fogerty Dream Song
    "Would you like to sail the sea, like a pirate, wild and free? Cast your whole life upon the wind, well it's your song, and it's your dream. Would you like, to turn the page; Fight the dragon, or find"
  • Barry Manilow Night Song
    "Listen The city is singin' its night song A city of shadows and fading starlight Mixed with bar light Listen The empty streets echo the right song A melody I used to think was only for the Lonely Night"
  • Doro Pesch Love Song
    "Okay Dreams of Xanadu Like a rainbow in the sky I wil lead you to heaven Close your eyes just let me try You will listen to my voice You will listen to my whisper Sweet emotions fill my love song And"
  • Crack Rock Steady Seven Drug Song
    "I wake up and every single day people make me sick and get in my way. so you take a load of and you smoke a little pot, I drink robitussin and drink alcohol alot. the drug song, the drug song so all you"

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