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  • Tu - Shakira
    "Te regalo mi cintura y mis labios para cuando quieras besar te regalo mi locura y las pocas neuronas que quedan ya mis zapatos destenidos el diario en el que escribo te doy hasta mis suspiros pero no te"
  • Tu (english) - Shakira
    "Ig ive you my waist and my lips for when you want to kiss i give you my madness and the few neurons that already remain my faded shoes the newspaper that i write until i give all my sighs but don't leave"
  • Antologia - Shakira
    "Para amarte necesito una razón y es difcil creer que no exista una ms que este amor sobra tanto dentro de este corazón que a pesar de que dicen que los ańos son sabios todavia se siente el dolor porque"
  • Bridge over troubled water - Shakira
    "When you're weary Feeling small When tears are in your eyes I will dry them all I'm on your side When times get rough And friends just can't be found I Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down"
  • Brujeria - Shakira
    "Por si este maleficio habla del peligroMira las llamas rojas del amor en las sombrasNoooEse es el sonido ms dulce que conocen mis oidos qu hechizoMe lleva hasta tu nombre sSi noSacude el interior tus ojos"
  • Octavo dia (english) - Shakira
    "The eighth God points out so much work to free tensions already revising he said everything's fine and it's and hour of resting and he left for a walk in given space who will imagine that the same God"
  • Ojos asi - Shakira
    "Ayer conoci un cielo sin sol y un hombre sin suelo un santo en prision y una cancion triste sin dueno ya he ya he ya la he y conoci tus ojos negros ya he ya he ya la he y ahora so que no puedo vivir sin"
  • Ojos asi (engilsh) - Shakira
    "Yesterday i knew a sky without sun and a man without ground a priest in prison and a sad song without an owner ya he, ya he, ya la he and i knew your black eyes ya he, ya he, ya la he and now yes that"
  • Peligro (english) - Shakira
    "I love to lie out in the sun Hair down with suntan lotion With my yellow Walkman Towel, sand in my ear When you pass by I feel shocked that you didn't Smile at me. I become distracted Betraying my heart"
  • Tu contralas mi destino (english) - Shakira
    "When I think that this Can be solved You get close to me and throw everything out the window And fear has made me much stronger than you But you're just going to conquer me anyways But now I realize That"

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