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minta bocoran ekor fajar pakotuk malam ini

  • 46 & 2 - Tool
    "Shedding skin andI've been pickingScabs again.I'm downDigging throughMy old musclesLooking for a clue.I've been crawling on my bellyClearing out what could've been.I've been wallowing in my own confusedAnd"
  • Not dying today - Tori Amos
    "There was a gambler and a cleaner and a puppeteeronly the puppet could explain just what he wasAll on a bus we were hopin' to pass the timeplug my piece in boys then we can drink the winedrink the wine"
  • City middle - The National
    "Karen, take me to the nearest famous city middleWhere they hang the lightsWhere it's random, and it's common versus commonLa di laI've got five hundred in twentiesAnd I've got a ton of great ideasI'm really"
  • U & me - Trina
    "You and Me We can make it last You and me We can make it last You and me We can make it last You and me We can make it last You and me... It was me and you Trina who shared the hard times Still in love"
  • What about now - The Band
    "There's gonna be a change of seasonIndian summer look around and it's goneWhy you wanna save the best for lastWe grow up so slowly and grow old so fastWe don't talk about foreverWe just catch it while"
  • Hope your happy now - The Sounds
    "You can call me a slutYou can call me a liarI got so many names nowI can't even deny itYou can call a thief and put up a fightbury me six feet under the groundBut if you think I look mad todayYou should"
  • My holiday burns - The Legion Of Doom
    "My eyes burn from these tearsYou'd think I'd learn over these yearsGood things won't last foreverSo what the hell am I suppose to doYou only wanted the things I couldn't give to youWhat became of everyone"
  • I didn - Mariah Carey
    "Let you take me outI knew what you were all aboutBut when I didI wasnt trying to lead you onNow you bring me homeAnd tell me goodnightsNot enough for youIm sorry babyI didnt mean to turn you onYou read"
  • Walking down canal street - Manic Street Preachers
    "Manic Street Preachers have never recorded this "song", and norwould they.Walking down Canal Street, Walking on my ownGod damn, son of a bitch, i couldn't find a whore.I finally found a whore, but she"
  • I'm gonna keep walkin - Miley Cyrus
    "I gave you my heartI gave you my soulI gave everything that i hadBut you left me in the coldBut still I had faithSomehow I believed (I believed, I believed)That if I keep love in my heartIt will find it's"

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