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  • LOL - Little Jackie
    "I see his thumbs working overtime lately Immersed in a text you sent discretely She probably a cool chick, light-skinned, pretty Come to think of it she probably a lot like me It's a low blow but I act"
  • Bad Weekend - Art Brut
    "Haven't read the NME in so long Don't know what genre we belong Haven't read the NME in so long Don't know what genre we belong Popular culture no longer applies to me Popular culture no longer applies"
  • Immer Nach Einmal - Trio
    "Musik und Text: Remmler/Kralle Sternenhimmel hohe Berge rote Lippen dadada ich bin euer Herbergsvater trullala wieder Wiederholungstter immer wieder noch einmal manchmal fllt er oder steht er Berg"
  • Of Adornment And Disgust - Skycamefalling
    "The sky came falling down on me today, your terms and definitions scrape the flesh. Thorns in my plams. The text that scars and keeps my faith so intact, your terms and definitions burn holes through my"
  • Page By Page - Assuck
    "Along with the art of conquest and domination, we have developed the absolute science of ignorance and bound it in text of generations of the unthinking. Between the lines of a one sided history, reads"
  • Wola - Włochaty
    "(muz. i text: Jeż) Wola Życia - Wola Działania Droga Do Śmierci Jest Nam Nieznana Odkrycie Siebie, Odkrycie Bliźnich Odkrycie Świata - Moja Jesteś O Wolności! Nie Wiemy Co Nas Może Jeszcze Spotkać Nie"
  • Break It Down - Justin Bieber
    "When I see you don’t think i run up on you no way and I don’t want a text when I flex on you get it mic check, one, two get it mic check, one, two every in my life, one, two every in my life, one, two"
  • Between Us - Bebe Rexha
    "I said tell me... Tell me what happened to chivalry? You can't even open up the door for me I can only reach you when you're thirsty And you're lonely, 'cause all you wanna do All you're tryin' do is"
  • Dance Dance Dance - Astrid S
    "I didn't call you back My fault Some days i don’t talk at all Some days i'm just not in the mood I didn’t text you back On purpose Truth is that i’ve been hurting Truth is i locked myself in And i don’t"
  • Por Qué - Carla Fernandes, Maikel Delacalle
    "i don't know where we headed now you got caught spinning through the life i need break baby, please slow down all of this can you see it worht of work took it slow should i realize it before before don't"

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