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  • There Is No Ending - Arab Strap
    "Not everything must end Not every romance must descend Not every lover's pact decays Not every sad mistake replays If you can love my growing gut My rotten teeth and greying hair Then I can guarantee"
  • Gilded - Arab Strap
    "I was free again that summer cos you're playing with a plumber, with his own place and a car. I don't care, I'm gonna be a pop star. Well he can take you for a ride and he can buy you gifts and flowers."
  • Soaps - Arab Strap
    "Sit by me silently and brush my beard. No mess to mop up from the bed today. Will we sit next door and watch the soaps? We've nothing to do and we've nothing to say. Oh, when you go... Recently, we've"
  • To All A Good Night - Arab Strap
    "Lost on Christmas Eve eve, he threw something down my neck. I didn't check what it was. When he says "Trust me," I never need to check. Then he helped me up, and the next thing I know we were lying"
  • Where We've Left Our Love - Arab Strap
    "On the English Riviera with the penguins and the waders. In a chip shop on the front with the tacky seaside traders. In a flooded cottage kitchen by the fire that you built. In a B & B in Peebles, underneath"
  • The Girl I Loved Before I Fucked - Arab Strap
    "I can't even escape you in my sleep when all I need is rest knowing when I wake up I can't watch you get dressed and pretend I'm sleeping and imagine you with child. A suggestion often made by me and"
  • An Eventful Day - Arab Strap
    "If I don't know, I can't understand. 'll get the drinks when you give me back my hand. You know I'm not that bothered, We don't have to stay - it's already been an eventful day. There is nothing that could"
  • Hey! Fever - Arab Strap
    "The corn was funny I hoped you enjoyed it I like what we're doing But it's never outspoken So I don't know what to say And I don't know what to do And I'm still not sure if I should be honest with you It"
  • Holiday Girl - Arab Strap
    "I'm telling you it's the same girl She's always there on holidays when you're wee She never grows and she's everywhere She was in the lift in covent garden last week and she was in torquay when I was fourteen She"
  • Motown Answers - Arab Strap
    "It takes much more than names I'm crying, To convince me we've been trying. And I don't want it when you need it. I'd write it down if you'd read it.i'm saying too much - it loses power. But sometimes"

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