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Eminem Chevys Life

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Eminem Chevys Life
  • Eminem Lose Yourself Vs Mundian To Bach Ke Rahi
    "{With Lose Urself Intro Solo - Eminem:} look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment would you capture it, just let it slip, yo {With Mundian to bach"
  • Eminem Curtains Up / Evil Deeds
    "Curtains Up (Encore Version) ----------------------------- Still on? Yo, is the mic on? Check, check, check Alright, let's do it Let's go, come on (Eminem, Eminem, Eminem) Evil Deeds ----------------------------- Lord"
  • Eminem The Showdown
    "The Wild.. Gotham The Wild.. West {*BANG BANG, BANG*} Ha ha, riiiiide.. All you see is the sun, reflectin off of the gun I'm ready for the showdown, that go down at one Sweat on my brow, let's settle"
  • Eminem I'm Ok
    "Eye-Kyu: Check it out, Eminem: Hey Kyu! Eye-Kyu: Chorus: It's a broke day but everything is ok (It's ok) I'm up all night, but everything is alright (It's alright) It's a rough week, and I don't get enough"
  • Eminem Go To Sleep
    "Artist: Eminem ft. DMX & Obie Trice Song Name: Go to Sleep Album:Cradle to the Grave OST ((Eminem)) I Ain't gonna eat, I ain't gonna sleep Ain't gonna breath till I see what I wanna see And what I wanna"
  • Eminem Our House
    "= eminem as eminem = eminem as his mom Here's the story... Of a little boy Growing up in a suburban home Tryin to cope with everyday life He lives in a little house That was built in the middle of the"
  • Eminem When To Stand Up
    "Artist: dj jazzy jeff f/ eminem and parl yams (scratched) (3x): "no...you hear me! you go to hell" -> mr. garrison Yo At birth I was born with the biggest middle finger on earth The first"
  • Eminem Jealosy woes
    "Men singing: Jealous! (8X) Girls voice: (Talking over the singing) Jealous!?! What he mean jealous, know what I'm saying? He just mad cause he got with some ugly hoes, know what I'm saying? Girls don't"
  • Eminem Stir Crazy (Feat. Madd Rapper)
    "(Uhh, hell yea man. Hmm, oh, fuck yeah When Im not at home, beatin my shit to death I'm listenin to the Madd Rapper's album This is Ken Kaniff, and Im still mad as hell... fuck you) (Eminem) I'm crazy"
  • Eminem Watch Dees
    "(Thirstin Howl): I hit harder Than Forman Landing both both gloves to a low blow With no cup Leave you Speech-less like when Arrested Development broke up Carry a crow bar for egos that won't budge Crack"

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