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Eminem: Verbal Suicide

Hey Slim,
U want a pill 2 pop
eh slim u listening 2 me
Hi how big is ure fanny can i fit a whole Grammy inside
and hide 2 fists for days
girl i know these questions are gay but i jus gotta know
before i let this big dick flow
turning up to a show and i dont know who the fucks playing
or wot it is theyre sayin
all i know is this uzis for spraying on S Club Juniors
and i would rather have tumours all over my brain
or get hit by cars, trucks, and trains
than listen to this shit!
and if u dont like this track then u can skip
The Feds are cuming but i cant be assed running
im so weeded that i cant stop mumbling
I feel like im constantly tumbling
Jus because ure royal doesent mean that can rumble
remember always be loyal to people that treat u the same
cause theyll have ure back when ve jus got beat up and ure in pain
Fuck this Beat
Fuck ure Song
Fuck this Life
Its goin on to long
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Eminem: Verbal Suicide

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Eminem: Verbal Suicide
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Eminem: Verbal Suicide

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