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Paluch x Sobota x Gedz x NEST

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Paluch x Sobota x Gedz x NEST
  • Twiztid Mutant X
    "Watch as we change & mutate into a freak show Twiztid, serial killin' juggalos Watch as we change & mutate into a freak show Twiztid, serial killin' juggalos I was born an accident, off the ripper Free"
  • vico c X-plosion
    "Oye joe hubo un tiempo en queyo me miraba frente al espejo y decia asi1; 2; 3 y...Hoy bienes a decrime q te sientes bienq ya no eres fiel a la heroinaperop t ves delgado y confundidommmpidiendo dinero"
  • Hi-C X Pills
    "Ecstasy, ecstasy, ahh Ecstasy, ecstasy, what? Ecstasy, ecstasy, huh Ecstasy... Now it's this little bitty pill that be doin the most Throw it down your throat, chased by Remy and Coke Give it a few"
  • Royce Da 5'9 Malcom X
    "(Royce talking) yo, yo, this is a J-dogg exclusive D-12, worst f**king rap group ever (You ready?) Royce Da 5'9" would like to apologize to the family of my homeboy Bugz for lettin' that line leak out"
  • Therapy? Innocent X
    "Is this real or is it a dream? I can't seem to tell the difference anymore Caught between needing and the need to be real Your open arms gaping like a busted sore I turn and burn my back like a rack"
  • Hurriganes Mister X
    "Well im lookin at you mama Give a bit your coke Gimme just a little Im fit to take a toke Im leaving for Muskogee An if you wanna go Just tell it to me darlin An we can just blow Well when you sock it"
  • Adam & The Ants Greta - X
    "Adam ant Party's over it's time to change Shoes away I neatly arrange Next the hairdo On the block Put away my lovely frock T.v.-t.v. Underwear all tidied away Thirty eight bust just for a day Heels"
  • Primal Scream Skull X
    "The sky's black with locusts My eyes are burning stars There's a mountain of gold teeth in every bank vault in this world Wanna try and steal my face, my body and my soul? Ridden on a bed of nails"
  • Face To Face 1,000 X
    "I've tried to ask the question must be a million answers that just aren't there you try to find yourself I'll try to live my life I just don't care take a look at your life tell me can you say you've"
  • Pain Generation X
    "All the crap I've seen and how you're running things I'm not surprised You're reading for an early grave And with a smile we lower you down And now we see the industry is losing it's grip It's a dog eat"

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