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Syn narkotyki

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Syn narkotyki
  • System Syn Reality Is
    "I'm half way sane today or was it yesterday or is that you that I'm thinking of I only broke down four or five... or as many years as I've been alive and you're not I caught myself thinking about you it"
  • System Syn Needle Drugs
    "she's got a little syringe with her heart in it she wants to shoot it in my veins no I won't accept this gift it comes packaged with her pain she's got a little syringe with her drugs in it it's connected"
  • System Syn Judas Kiss
    "a heart has no place in the hollow inside the ribs form a cage for the face that has escaped just a fantasy that me and I were never separated wheres that part of me that left me here to die I wish I"
  • System Syn If You Never Heal
    "these things I know are reflections of myself and you cant call couldnt do that to yourself they say Ill never heal they say Ill never feel again and I believe them I believe them youre waiting for your"
  • System Syn Halo
    "a trip down to the street where my halo fell will tell you all you'd care to know about me a passage through a lifetime in relative terms I've already died now my hope can't stay afloat on it's own she's"
  • System Syn For Memories You'll Never Have
    "for memories you'll never have here's to you for the life you'll never lead pour another round now close up inside careful not to let anyone in for the life we'll never share here's to you as the sun"
  • System Syn All The Human Things
    "are you in love with all the human things the concepts born and thrown away do you insist despite your eyes theres something that I want you to say dont stay if its for my sake dont wake up if youd rather"
  • System Syn Abrasion Collar
    "what did you expect me to say did you think this would end your way like I'd ever let you leave without a scar did you really think that I would convince myself that I should make a wish upon your dying"
  • System Syn Through This
    "dont expect me to cry for you as if your pain was my pain too nothing beats beneath my chest my blood runs cold and this is getting old like you just go I cant feel but I can fake it and if it hurts I"
  • System Syn To Be Nothing
    "it's hard to see why life was set to be this way is this the reward I've worked for is this the result of choices I have made or does life chose itself for me predestined to be nothing predestined for"

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