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bocoran sgp tgl 14 .11 .2019

  • No.11 - 4Lyn
    "Number 11!! So we got this far and youre still wonderin why we do shit in our own kinda way!!(why? why?) First round-knock-out get da fukk out, why cant ya understand the way were actin all day?(die! die!)"
  • 11:59 - Blondie
    "Leaning in your corner like a candidate for wax Sidewalk social scientist don't get no satisfaction from your cigarette It's ten to ten and time is running out Lock up all your memories get outa here,"
  • 11:57 - Elemeno P
    "Another day slips away and I gotta wonder Lying here in my bed do I even care Everyday seems the same, seems so paint by numbers Early bird catches the worm is what the people tell me Put on a face,"
  • 11. September - After Classes
    "Don't tell me it's peace 'cause this is a war I see it on your face you're silent and don't talk people choose wrong ways those lead nowhere why do they kill civilian? It's not their fault! Never! Are"
  • 11 Hours - Even All Out
    "If I could just step into this Losing time but gaining an insight Into what's in store for me Along the edge it seems I might Be too late to contemplate Sense we've been lost for days on end I can't stay"
  • 11 PM - Maluma
    "11 de la noche todavia no contesta 1 de la manana todavia no hay respuesta 2 de la manana me dice esta dispuuesta 3 se la manana yo te tengo una propuesta como hacerte entender que conmigo tut e ves major que"
  • 11:35 - Aesop Rock
    "Some cats grow by the laws of the wild Some learn slower and lag in the mud Some stand up in defense of a style Some let the big dogs eat them up At exactly 11:35pm on January 21st I fell asleep sound At"
  • Apollo 11 - Lil Primy
    "misję swoją mamy tui jak NASA Misję swoja znamy don Alfredo Jak Apollo 121 na Księżycu przed nami nie było tu niczego Tworze świeża kulturę jak Kal El Jednak nie potrzebuje Codex-u Myśli w moje głowie"
  • 11 Monthz - Taproot
    "Slow motion Broken and sick Unconsciously Cryin aloud Life sprawled out in blood sweat and tears 11 months 4 more surgeries Still I pray Until this day I must say It's ok Because I was left alone The bastard"
  • 7-11 - Ramones
    "I met her at the 7-11 Now I'm in 7th heaven Tell me, tell me Can this be true I never though I'd ever meet a girl like you She was standing by the Space Invaders So I said can I see you later Yeah we"

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