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slayback so cute

  • Mr. So So - Ashanti
    "Where were you when I was all alone See, I don't need you now I'm standing on my own When I was down you weren't around so go Cuz I ain't used to bein' no one's Mrs. So So When I woke up this morning"
  • So Som So - Hellbillies
    "Eg hadde ei gamal stugu med rutaglas og timravegg. Selde stugu med to ml tomt te ein bykar som betalde cash kontant. I tillegg fekk'n hjarta i pant. Bygde nytt hus nep jorde. Hallan etasi, eit Hetland-hus. Furupanel"
  • So Oder So - Texta
    "(Text: H. Renner, P. Kroll, K. Laimer, Skero; Musik: P. Kroll) Chorus: Entweder du machst es so/ dann frag dich aber wieso/ du tust was du tust/ mach es einfach so oder so/ ob mit und ohne Niveau/ aus"
  • So-So Suicide - Finger Eleven
    "I felt the blisters Below the words A universe waiting to explode And I felt the words crawl out of my skull And now you know Exactly what you should Don't bother pretending I seem fine I like that I'm"
  • So Nyuh Shi Dae - So Nyeo Shi Dae
    "(Taeyeon)-Na! Ah jeek ulee da go, mal ha dun yal mee oon yoksheem jaengee ga (Seohyun)-Oh! Neul eun whenee leen jee sa rang hae ha myu kiss~ hae joo wunae (Yoona)-Ul! gooleun bbal gae jee go nolan nune"
  • So & So So & So From Wherever Wherever - Built To Spill
    "So & So From Wherever Wherever you're a fool for everything I'm a fool for not thinking that things would turn out this way Like to think that you're immune to the stuff it's closer to the truth to say"
  • The Fourth Drink Instinct - Cute Is What We Aim For
    "She's doesn't deserve to be in a place like this All alone She's underage and so very very brave A fake ID lent her credibility She sits at the bar The gents are gonna try so hard He said it was a one"
  • Sweat The Battle Before The Battle Sweats You - Cute Is What We Aim For
    "This is a seasonal affair So be there or be square And the invitation said so So just let that ego go And watch it strike back like a boomerang Scared stiff and not sure how to deal with it You're a legend"
  • Teasing To Please (Left Side, Strong Side) - Cute Is What We Aim For
    "And so typically And so typically Soft, set back and perfectly dropped Tough and learn, and so perfectly taught I am as he does You are as she was And that's because And that's because But you"
  • Practice Makes Perfect - Cute Is What We Aim For
    "So sweet I can hardly speak Due to such trauma in my teeth But your body language is telling me that you're worth the pain So weak I can hardly keep Shaky legs holding up my feet But your body language"

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