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1944 jamala eurowizja

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1944 jamala eurowizja

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1944 jamala eurowizja
  • Jamala 1944
    "When strangers are coming... They come to your house, They kill you all and say, We’re not guilty not guilty. Where is your mind? Humanity cries. You think you are gods. But everyone dies. Don't swallow"
  • Down By Law 1944
    "somewhere a pen is busy with hate tonight jaded eyes and cynics bring me down somewhere a kid is playing his heart out tonight but he'll get nowhere with the Berkeley in-crowd well put-downs are so"
  • KSU 1944
    "Kiedyś dadzą Ci karabin Każą równo stać Kiedyś każą załadować Potem oddać strzał Siłą wpędzą do okopu Błoto wbiją w twarz Później padnie rozkaz :"Umrzyj!" I skończy się czas Ref: Rozkaz, rozkaz, idziemy"
  • Sirrah Passover 1944
    "Father of our guilt I rejoice at golden heaven's' Birds eye view to earth All is mine today There's no word like hope As the sun is hidden by the mist Now the fortune's turning Mix your gold with ash Look"
  • Patrick Ouch?ne Copycat (Eurowizja 2009)
    "Way down in Memphis, Tennessee theres a guy looking just like me wearing the same blue suede shoes singing the same old blues Way down in the US of A theres a guy doing things my way combing the same greasy"
  • Edurne Amanecer (Eurowizja 2015)
    "Se fue sin saber Que yo sí lo amé Se fue sin creer en mí Perdí la razón Sangré tanto amor Que aún, hoy siento el vacío Me lleva contigo Mi corazón Me susurró A mí no vuelvas sin su amor Camino al ayer Allá"
  • Mans Zelmerlow Heroes (Eurowizja 2015)
    "Don't tell the gods I left a mess I can't undo what has been done Let's run for cover What if I'm the only hero left You better fire off your gun Once and forever He said go dry your eyes And live your"
  • Waldo's People Lose Contro (Eurowizja 2009)
    "I don't wanna lose control, but I'm falling Falling down... I got this panic emotion that I cannot describe to you My world is tumbelling down what am I, what am I gonna do Ca-can't deny it, deny it,"
  • Ann Sophie Black Smoke (Eurowizja 2015)
    "When you look at me, you know you're hard to read. Because the face I see is not the one I know And when you call me baby, what's that supposed to mean I don't know who you are, how long can we pretend See"
  • Lisa Angell N’oubliez Pas (Eurowizja 2015)
    "Il ne me reste que des larmes Ces quelques notes venues d'autrefois Et le chant de nos prières Nos cœurs qui espèrent Et le vide sous mes pas Il ne me reste que les cendres De mon village plongé dans"
  • Guy Sebastian Tonight Again (Eurowizja 2015)
    "Everyone’s got their problems There’s always something on your mind But tonight we ain’t gotta solve them For tonight let’s leave them all behind Do what you what you what you want /3x Get on it, get"
  • Loïc Nottet Rhythm Inside (Eurowizja 2015)
    "Listen to the sound of thunder Rolling in the soul down under Far beneath the skin, it rumbles Step to the step of the drum that rolls inside Be you enemy or lover We are put here to discover The heart"
  • Il Volo Grande amore (Eurowizja 2015)
    "Tekst w języku włoskim."
  • The Makemakes I Am Yours (Eurowizja 2015)
    "Anytime that you’re thinking of me That you might want me I’ll come on over Don’t you know Anytime, anyplace I am yours You’re a lesson that I love learning So any time that you’ve got a yearning Don’t"
  • Polina Gagarina A Million Voices (Eurowizja 2015)
    "We are the worlds people Different yet we're the same We believe We believe in a dream Praying for peace and healing I hope we can start again We believe We believe in a dream So if you ever feel love"
  • Molly Sterling Playing With Numbers (Eurowizja 2015)
    "Do I owe you something I think I do They tied our hands But I cut through In the arms of the potion They found our truth And I made a girl Abandoned youth and Made the mess in your vision and See a debt"
  • Boggie Wars For Nothing (Eurowizja 2015)
    "Do you know our Earth is a mess All the wars for nothing, it never ends Everybody deserves a chance All the souls, all the souls, can you hear them cry? That you live in peace does not mean It’s okey"
  • Say Hi Between the lines (Eurowizja 2017)
    "Who knows what can happen today Sun will shine through anyway Loyalty rather run away I don’t know you But let’s find the way Lonely cold eyes Lonely night Coz we don’t have to Don’t have to fight You"
  • Olaf Bressa You Look Good (Eurowizja 2017)
    "I think you gonna walk away And Darling, don’t you wanna stay I love you blue dress I really fallin for your blue dress They say you always first to run My love’s only just begin So don’t begin tell"
  • Adam Aston Czerwone maki na Monte Cassino, 1944
    "1. Czy widzisz te gruzy na szczycie? Tam wróg twój się kryje jak szczur. Musicie, musicie, musicie Za kark wziąć i strącić go z chmur. I poszli szaleni, zażarci, I poszli zabijać i mścić, I poszli, jak"

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