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  • 4 GIF me - Vixen
    "Słaby ze mnie matematyk, a stawiam na działanie Odmieniamy się przez przypadki, ale nie liczę na nie Wyniki widzę dobre, tacy jak ja są mnożeni, A podobno miałem problem, żeby się podzielić Chociaż nie"
  • GIF - Nowator
    "ja wiem że już kończy się ten tydzień choć ten syf zalewał nas jak nic neonów blask unosił jeszcze wyżej te wszystkie akcje opisuje gif ja wiem że już kończy się ten tydzień choć ten syf zalewał nas jak"
  • 4 - Mud Flow
    "For a second, for an hour For a day, a life or whatever For the pleasure, for the pain too For the worst, the best and all the rest Are you sorry for me baby? I ain't gonna change the way I talk I don't"
  • 4" - Amaia Montero
    "Debo contarte que quiero contar Que ando loca buscando una isla en el mar Donde olvidarme del bien de tu mal De tu cara bonita y ponerme a pensar Que la razon es un algo que ya no me importa Sera que tenia"
  • 2 Good 4 Me - Scarred 4 Life
    "You left me for anotha guy No matter how hard i try I know (I know) you're 2 good 4 me 2 good 4 me AHHHHH 2 good 4 me 2 good 4 me AHHHHH Yeah your to good for me Your rich and I'm not Love is all that"
  • Playa 4 Life - Rappin' 4-Tay
    "(feat. Master P) Whatsup Franky J (You know how we do it Bad Boy) You think they ready for this Master P and 4-Tay hookup? (I know they aint ready baby) Ya heard me (Yeah, OGs) We gonna show them how"
  • Dance 4 me - Vanessa S.
    "Tonight were genna party hard because the work is done, me and the crew know what were gonna do is all were gonna have some fun bounce to the beat, were cruising in the street and rolling in the four by"
  • Wrong 4 Me - Omarion
    "(Intro:) Huh (x32) (Verse 1:) She was on the way I never saw her comin' (Comin', come, come) Everytime I figured out It wasn't no use in runnin' (Runnin', run, run) I Thought that I was stronger Couldn't"
  • Lucky 4 Me - White Kaps
    "Save the good things for my eulogy Save the good things that I'll never see Save the good things and try to be sincere Save the good things I'll leave you with your fear How is it I threaten you?"
  • One 4 Me - Barrington Levy
    "(feat. Guru, Jigsy King) Ohho, ohho, ohho, ohho etc Big up to all the Jamaican massives Sentimental Big up to all the UK massives Big up to all Brooklyn massives Ghetto massives To all"
  • Smile 4 Me - Amil
    "Is it a blessin' to live or a blessin' to die? Let me finish off this hell with no questions why I should be happy i'm on and i'm dressed in fly but is the game changing me for the extra pie? if you could"
  • Wiggle 4 Me - Dougie D
    "Who, look I like that there Baby got booty like apple, make me bite that there Drop it to the flo', pick it back up Loving the way that you stroke, while them jeans is hugging your butt Wiggle to the left,"
  • Done 4 Me - Cassidy
    "It's a blessin that I'm even alive It's a reason that I'm breathin, I believe there's a God Hey... look what he done for me Look-look-look, look-look-look, look what he done for me Hey; some people choose"
  • All 4 Love - Color Me Badd
    "I'm so glad you're my girl I'll do anything for you Call you every night And give you flowers to I thank the Lord for you And think about you all the time I ask him everyday That you'll for-ever be mine I"
  • Loving Me 4 Me - Aguilera Christina
    "Aguilera Christina Stripped Loving Me 4 Me People ask if I'm in love with you Because I'm sitting here with your picture And smiling to myself I'm kinda lost in my own thoughts of you My heart speaks"
  • Loving Me 4 Me - Christina Aguilera
    "People ask if I'm in love with you Because I'm sitting here with your picture And smiling to myself (I smile) I'm kinda lost in my own thoughts of you My heart speaks before my mind thinks through And"
  • 4 O'Clock - Emilie Autumn
    "4 o'clock 4 o'clock Never let me sleep I close my eyes and pray For the garish light of day Like a frightened child I run From the sleep that never comes 4 o'clock 4 o'clock Out of bed I creep To climb"
  • 4 Minutes - Avant
    "Hold Hold up Hold up Slow slow down Listen give me 10 minutes... Well gimme 5 minutes.....aight b-before you leave I just need these last 4 minutes.. Pardon me if I'm talking fast and stumbling all"
  • She Loves Me 4 Me - Prince
    "With this one I can b what I wanna b I don't have 2 live up 2 no one's fantasy I could write another 300 melodies 2 her it's just 3, cuz this one. She Loves Me 4 Me With this one I don't even have 2 comb"
  • 4 Walls - Staind
    "The thoughts from my mind Command my lips to say I hate you The thoughts from my mind Command my hands to cut your silken flesh The thoughts from my mind Command my feet to stomp your head The thoughts"

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