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A be liv a can flay

    "The way you touch me baby, I can touch the sky, You keep me going crazy, Please don't say goodbye. Ai, shina shina shina, hopa shina shina nai /3x Ai, shina shina shina, hopa! Faina, faina, faina, faina-na"
  • Come With Me To The Other Side (feat. Liv Kristine) - Orden Ogan
    "Come with me to the other side, Leave the pain of this world behind, For whatever you will decide, You're wrong, I'll be your bonfire, Come with me to the other side, Leave the pain of this world behind, For"
  • For A Moment - Liv Kristine
    "Sometimes I feel so small When truth is told But I can't grasp the meaning of it And I am wrong And nothing seems to get along All is just too distant to understand Then how can I resist The thought of"
  • Love Can Be A Wave - On Thorns I Lay
    "The secret of flame silent I describe From limitless domension And endless horizons, I fly... Travelers all of us to the coast of hope The lighthouse of life think that rule The world, but they don't I"
  • Astronomy Can Be Fun - A Bloody Canvas
    "Tonight, tonight I'll meet you Underneath the stars... I'll sing you something so beautiful To spark the fireworks hidden behind your eyes I'll sing you something short and sweet To light the fire for"
  • What Cha Know About This (feat. Babe Blue (1 Life 2 Liv - Timbaland
    "You see? I think it's time for me put it down.. .. for my females, hahah I'ma let my females shine on this track You see? I ain't biased I ain't racist either So I'ma let uhh.. Mocha bring it in The"
  • I can be a heartbreaker, too - Smokie
    "My friends come to tell me something Lately they seen you running Tell me baby are we the talk of the town You told me you spent the nights workin' 'Stead you been out drinkin' and flirtin' Two can play"
  • A Heart Can Only Be Strong - Michael Bolton
    "A hundred times I have walked out the door Just to walk back a hundred times more A thousand nights I have sworn not to stay, ooh oh I remained tangles in the chains of desire, ooh I know that it's no"
  • Nice As A Fool Can Be - Robert Cray
    "You take my money and leave Trying to leave me all alone That don't bother me so much But you left your poor baby child alone But I'm nice Nice as a fool can be But if I ever get my hands on you, baby They'll"
  • A Bitch Can Be Niggas Worst Downfall - Three 6 Mafia
    "A bitch can be a nigga worst downfall A a bitch can be a nigga worst downfall (DJ Paul) Man, Ill shoot a bitth in the face if she try to fuck wit me, or try to tell lies an shit and turn me against my"
  • We Can Be - Jackson Browne
    "Talk with me I believe that we can find a tomorrow Lend to me and I will try to borrow I can see you and me Love is free We can be free Sing with me Melodies that soar as high as a swallow I can lead"
  • I Can Be - Taio Cruz
    "Now I feel that this hold of mine has taken many forms Still sometimes the rain can turn into a waterfall The prettiest things can come out of the coldest mind, yeah And even with broken wings, sometimes"
  • How Long Can A Man Be Strong - Jeff Healey
    "I've been a restless, For a long, long time Tryin' to find a home For heart of mine The nights are lonely, And the days are long It's hard to find a reason, To carry on But all this searchin', Is it ever"
  • I Can Be - Aaliyah
    "Ohhhh no... ohh, oh... mmmm Oh... ohhhh... ohhh no... Maybe I'm just wrong in feelin the way I do Thoughts indecent, want to put those down to you I know you have a girl, I don't want to tie When you're"
  • I Can Be - Naja
    "(Verse 1:) Can She Be Betta The Me Can She Walk Talk Eat Sleep Like Me Can She Do All These Things I Do For U Can She Do Betta Things Than I Do I Dont Understand Your Always Around Her Nobody Else Even"
  • Forever can be - ASHES dIVIDE
    "It must've been very hard To have lived and never learnt To be content with who you are We all want the same things don't we To find the one who opens channels to our hearts A path you never found upon"
  • Can - Mull Historical Society
    "Can Can I let you go inside my head A little while with nothing said The simple things are what I want to be I opened up but now I'm closed Today I'm just on answer-phone Tomorrow's what I really"
  • The Truth Can Be A Brutal Business - Halfwayhome
    "The Weight Of Daylight's Got Us Buried Half-Alive We've Got A Hundred Years Of Dying Hid Behind These Eyes We Shed Our Blood Like Wine And Frailty's All We Get With Scarring Comes The Status The Distinction"
  • Can - Canibus
    "(Canibus) Yo, yo, let me explain something so that you understand You will never be iller than the Canibus man You could be male, female, black, white Fuck the details, I rip a nigga with a rhyme till"
  • Can - Toby Keith
    "I got a sweet little woman at home She knows that I love her true I got three little kids at home on the floor They love there daddy too I got one on the way and I don't think I can pay the doctor bill I"

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