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A milion of my soil

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A milion of my soil

  • Soil - System Of A Down
    "The phoenix he helped create, Out of control boy without a dad, Shot the gun that startled my life, While I drove him with a forty-five. Friends for years images in red, Blew off his own mother-fuckin"
  • Soil - Wall Of Sleep
    "Soil means the beginning Soil means the end That is my departure and I'll arrive at soil homeland Feeds my mind with wise words I'm protected in their arms It's always warm like ember's fire Even death"
  • The soil - System Of A Down
    "The phoenix he helped create,Out of control boy without a dad,Shot the gun that startled my life,While i drove him with a forty-five.Friends for years images in red,Blew off his own mother-fuckin head,Confidence,"
  • Soil, Soil - Tegan & Sara
    "Oh and I'm feeling directionless yes But that's to be expected And I know that best And in creeps the morning And another day's lost You've just written wondering And I reply fast All you need to save"
  • Hallowed Soil - Memory Garden
    "I am falling fast out of control I hear the bells, for me they toll Is this an illusion? Am I still asleep? I enter this black crypt, a daze so deep My aging body longs for sleep Hallowed soil my coffin"
  • Rotten Soil - Entombed
    "Come down for a minute Touch the grass on the other side Meet the devil who is your host Strike down what you believe in Get it done with a gun When I'm in hell you can talk to my ghost Reach out for"
  • Soil Bank - Dave Dudley
    "Well there once was a time that this farm of mine was plowed by a mule and a man They worked from dawn till darkness just tryin' to civilize the sand Spikin' holes then placin' a seed like each one was"
  • Soil To Stone - Mouth of the Architect
    "Slit wrist life and limb to that which is unknown. Sunchild breathe light waiting to expire. Today a grave for a sadness evermore. Insect sun of lucid skin. Bury your spine when soil turns to stone. The"
  • One milion - Athlete
    "There was just one at the top of a pile of one million And she hasn't got a clue that she's become A good samaritan I missed her name before i blink from the scene she'd run away If i got the chance to"
  • 100 milion - Audio Bullys
    "It was early I woke up Still had a joint, so I puffed Shouldn`t of, coz it got me stoned and my mum just moaned `Simon its time to get a job, you`re 20 years old and you`re living like a slob` but there`s"
  • Diggin' The Soil - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "give me time to think man the future's plain to see alarm bells ringing in my head smells like conspiracy everything to easy the curtain is never closed someone might believe this shit but I'm not one"
  • Blood And Soil - Abigor
    "This soil is dripping with the blood of angels I can almost touch their hands through the ground My eyes are filled with pride For this land of the dead Is the precious gift of my father No mortal value"
  • River Of Virgin Soil - Midnattsol
    "There's something about the river Something magical I can't describe While it's raining outside the windows The water itself lies calm This is the world of my dreams Where the seventh sense comes out Like"
  • Milion My - ParaGraf
    "Tym razem sama zostanę, w głowie myśli niepoukładane. Skomplikowane życie muszę z nim stanąć twarzą w tawarz, stanąć twarzą w twarz. Nagle sie odcina rozpoczyna myśli gilotyna, włączony winamp po kolei"
  • Californian Soil - London Grammar
    "I left my soul On California soil And i left my pride With the woman by my side I never had a willing hand And i never had a plan But i am glad I found you here But i am glad I’ve got you here But u"
  • Hardened Soil - Akai
    "Hardened soil makes sowing seed A fruitless breath against the weeds The roots can't dig beneath dry dirt This budding flesh can't hide from birds And just when you might think you've a chance to overcome"
  • The lunar soil II - Venin Noir
    "You're so perfect and cold as the lunar soilYou're the distance unfold from the lunar soilYou showed me to the lunar soilWhen the night was stillAnd the past silenced our reasonYou kept every word I ever"
  • Soil Of Tomorrow - Tidfall
    "Lifeless as life itself. Spiritless as spirit itself I have turned on the world I have turned on the matter of being When humanity fades to become what humanity is, Existence become the ever beginning"
  • Soil Of Souls - Abigor
    "Souls of infidel men Is a fertile soul Like dusky forest grow On fallen leaves We draw the essence of mortal weakness Holyness - the worst gift of light Is long dead and gone Buried by our sisters ages"
  • If Born From This Soil - Shai Hulud
    "This world is a burden And it disgusts me. I want to deny it, Its inhabitants and their possessions. I'm embarrassed to know This soil produced me. I'm dying to be elsewhere, Trying not to belong in a"

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