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  • Shystie Control It (ft. Azealia Banks)
    "I’ll run up on a brother, whats age, whats ya name? Do you drive, what suit do you wear, where’d you stay? Do you stay with your mother, have you got your own place? What car do you drive, do you smoke,"
  • Baauer Harlem Shake
    "Con los teroristas Ey Shake Ey Shake Ey, Ey, Ey, Ey Shake, Ta. Ta And do the Harlem Shake Ey Shake, Ey Shake, Shake Ey Shake, Shake, Shake Con los teroristas Ey, Con los teroristas Ey, Ey And do the"
  • Fall Out Boy The Kids Aren't Alright (ft. Azealia Banks)
    "Break down Let me tell you how I get it up Uh, run the town with my number one Together we the deuce Numbers in pursuit for the loot His best friend was a Sphinx Now we cashing out at Drews On a wave from"
  • Bill Withers Harlem
    "Summer night in Harlem, Man it's really hot! Well it's too hot to sleep and too hot to eat. I don't care if I die or not! Winter night in Harlem, ooh ooh radiator won't get hot, and that mean ole landlord"
  • New Politics Harlem
    "I spend my money on the regular miracles just like you like me like everybody else up on the sun looking sad and beautiful just like you like me like everybody else when it gets loud, i turn it up shake"
  • Jim Jones Harlem
    "7th Lennox and what about the east sideEl Barrio we blowin' smoke while we G rideWashington Heights dime lo tato you knowTodo bien tato capo uh oh Shot out to Taft where them killas is madeWe was out on"
  • Tropic Harlem Shake Polska
    "Nie będziemy kopiować czarnego Harlemu My mamy swój styl, swój język swój przebój Od tysięcy lat od Bałtyku do tatr Z dziada pradziada przekazano nam świat Przekazano nam kulturę tak szlachetną jak diamenty I"
  • Rolling Stones Harlem Shuffle
    "(Ralf/Nelson) Huhuuuhuhuhuhuuuuuuh, hu! You move it to the left, yeah, and you go for yourself. You move it to the right, yeah, if it takes all night. Now take it kinda slow, with a whole lot of soul. Don't"
  • The Rolling Stones Harlem shuffle
    "You move it to the left And you go for yourself You move it to the right Yeah if it takes all night Now take it kinda slow With a whole lot of soul Don't move it too fast Just make it last You scratch"
  • Bill Withers Harlem (Live)
    "Summer night in Harlem, man it's a really hot Well it's too hot to sleep, and I'm too cold to heat I don't care if I die or not Winter night in Harlem Radiator won't get hot Well the mean old landlord,"
  • Philly's Most Wanted Shake
    "(featuring DJ Kool) {*"Shake" repeated throughout all verses*} (Intro - DJ Kool) This is the legendary DJ Kool! They are Philly's Most Wanted! The jump off starts here! The jump off starts right now! Come"
  • Luther Vandross Nights In Harlem
    "(feat. Precise) There's a party in Harlem, come on I like to reminisce about that night we kissed It was somewhere one night in Harlem The nights were hot and bright You could treat your honey right Cuz"
  • Vandross Luther Nights in harlem
    "(feat. Precise)There's a party in Harlem, come onI like to reminisce about that night we kissedIt was somewhere one night in HarlemThe nights were hot and brightYou could treat your honey rightCuz Sylvia's"
  • Tim Curry Harlem On My Mind
    "Em'ralds in my bracelets and diamonds in my rings A Riviera chateau and a lot of other things And I'm blue, so blue am I Lots of ready money in seven diff'rent banks I counted up this morning, it's about"
  • Ian Moore Harlem
    "Riding through Harlem in my bullet proof car Inside a glass shell you say keeps us from harm My musics playing loudly and people gather round They wonder what were doing in their part of town I try to"
  • Harlem Polski Harlem
    "Słuchaj synu, jesteś młody i nie bardzo jeszcze wiesz. jak w życiu jest. Chodź, pokażę Ci te miejsca, gdzie naprawdę Szybko żyje się. Ludzie mówią różnie, no bo jak? Tu nad Wisla całkiem inny świat. Słuchaj"
  • Nanci Griffith Banks Of The Pontchartrain
    "I'm goin' back where my garden blooms all year Where the wintertime speaks softly in the fallin' rain I'm goin' back to my green eyed lover there and we will dance along the banks of old Lake Pontchartrain Oh,"
  • The Game Down (Lloyd Banks Diss)
    "(The Game) That's Lloyd Bank's momma singin', You betta tell your boy to keep his mouth closed, Or he gon' get a black tux, And a free wake, How my bow tie lookin'?, You ready?, Let's go. When I see Lloyd"
  • Ant Banks ****** Wit Banks
    "Ooh, goddamn, I'm glad you set it off, ha ha, yeah, you know Pooh-Man, big sucker, fat face fucker So won't you just pucker up and suck the nuts of The big, big bad ass nigga, Ant Banks, let's do this"
  • Azealia Banks Desperado
    "You know what it is, it's Hot 97 My name is Peter Rosenberg, and, We're gonna get to some new music right now This is a record called "Desperado" Okay, by my girl, Azealia Banks Man, I've been waiting"

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