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Acid City - Patologia

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Acid City - Patologia

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Acid City - Patologia
  • Pejo Patologia
    "Nie nawijam o tym jakiś świat jest piękny Dziś odstawiam na bok sentymenty Siadam włączam ten bit na słuchawki I pisze o tym jak dzieciaki zamiast chodzić na huśtawki Palą pety w blokach Witamy w czasach"
  • Normalsi Patologia
    "Droga długa, a wódka czysta Mysli kłębia się niezdrowe Na łapówkę cztery trzysta I bolesna drzazga w głowie Czy to życie jest już w piachu Szpital szczerzy kły złowrogo Ktoś ten smutny zamek strachów Nazwał"
  • CYPIS / FAZI Patologia
    "kamienice bloki odjazdy i browary sznyty, tatuaże pizdy i zasady z frajerami się nie gada sa słabe chu* zabłądziłeś na rewirze gdzie się kur* nie żartuje!"
  • People Under The Stairs Acid Raindrops
    "Out on the Porch (Verse 1) Lets have a mid city fiesta with your west LA connections Hop inside the vehicle start crossing intersections We learning life's lessons While we blaze this herbal essence A"
  • Amplifier Post Acid Youth
    "Drugged a million words Just like ourselves Formed a straight line Plucking at sound-waves And oh, For no-one ever Darkest singing The days of tripping upon snakes Are over now Do you feel empty now Inside"
  • Włochaty Patologia instytucji
    "Regulacje, zarzadzenia, instrukcje, ustawy, dekrety, rozporzadzenia, przepisy, regulaminy, procedury, uchwaly, komunikaty, obwieszczenia, rezolucje, decyzje, postanowienia, pomniki makulatury, rozdety,"
  • Esham Acid
    "The witch jumped on my back So now it's time for me to rhyme in Acid Rap A mic attack, so my brain starts to swell up It's time to turn the volume up and raise the hell up A microphone overdose, too much"
  • Emm Gryner Acid
    "You left a good drug on my tongue And I know and I know and I know I should write about the dizziness 'Cause I can't talk to the constellation Like I want and I want yeah I want 'Cause I know too well"
  • Gryner Emm Acid
    "You left a good drug on my tongue And I know and I know and I know I should write about the dizziness 'Cause I can't talk to the constellation Like I want and I want yeah I want 'Cause I know too well"
  • Siobhan Donaghy 12 Bar Acid Blues
    "Well I found myself in a world of pain And I thought I'd try to get awaySo I went online and book a tripI thought I could use (?) a holidaySo I sat right down and wrote to youOh dear John those things"
  • Latin Quarter Acid
    "Their star-light shone bright in the blackout Like the beams of the usherette But when the Big Bear bit deep after Yalta There were those that came to forget. They went out West for the screening And they"
  • Acid Drinkers Acid Drinkers
    "Boy, you can go away And don't try and come back I don't forgive mistakes. don't you excuse yourself You're a scabby liar We need some blood to clean our honor. I am a Titan of patience You will lose your"
  • Neutral Milk Hotel She Did A Lot Of Acid
    "She had a mental problem She couldn't concentrate She was her own delusion She was her own mistake She did a lot of acid To put the voices down And one day after her birthday They found her hanging"
    "Data premiery wspólnej kompozycji Ryjka z Bezimiennych i Copy Dym Knf o tytule "PATOLOGIA" nie została jeszcze podana."
  • Robert Calvert Acid Rain
    "There's home computers now That can keep an eye on you The Talk with Swedish accents And tell you what to do An acid rain is falling An acid rain is falling hard Fresh embryos are frozen And placed in"
  • Dri Acid Rain
    "Will our children look back With hatred or despair At a generation of idiots Who just didn't care About the fossil fuel fumes And the aerosol sprays That put holes in the ozone And let in the rays That"
  • Gus Gus Acid Milk
    "Ear drum pump inside my head. I fall down as if I'm dead. Acid milk is on it's way. In my stomach, through my veins. Acid milk on every day. Adrenalin is running dry. I am on the milky way. Floating into"
  • Reagan Youth Acid Rain
    "Daddy, daddy, daddy Can I go out and play No son you'd better stay inside the radio said today There are many things like going inside to pray Catch a little safety from the acid rain Danger, danger, danger The"
  • Seth Acid Christ
    "(Lyrics : Vicomte Vampyr Arkames) Mon pre, je vous ai trahi. J'ai effac de ma mmoire, les dimensions , les limites, l'envie de vivre. Mon pre, je vous ai ha. J'ai reni l'essentiel, Ma foi, vos larmes"
  • Venom Acid Queen
    "You - have got everything i need You - can bring my soul out of me I'll pay your wicked price-deliver your merchandise Gypsy you'll drive me a dream Acid Queen Wild - tames the raging beast Child - helps"

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