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  • Balloon - Lou Reed
    "I'm a little balloon and I get puffed up squeeze me and bend me it's never enough Put your lips around me, blow me up but if you prick me I will pop I'm a little balloon full and firm here is my aft and"
  • Highland Mary - Robert Burns
    "Highland Mary (Robert Burns) Ye banks, and braes, and streams around The castle o' Montgomery, Green be your woods, and fair your flowers, Your waters never drumlie! There Simmer first unfald her robes, And"
  • Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict - Pink Floyd
    "Aye an a bit o' mackerel, fiddler, rack and fear, And I rutted down by the hade and the furrow Well, I slipped me in a flop and hit down and I shied, And I cried, cried, cried The fear of fallin' down"
  • Screw The Okampa (I Want To Go Home) - Voltaire
    "We were in the Badlands one day Chasing B'Elanna and Chakotay We were whisked into the Delta Quadrant Fuck, thats far away I wanna go home Please let me go home I say screw the Ocampa I wanna go home The"
  • Place Your Hands - Reef
    "Oh, place your hands on my hope, run your fingers through my soul. And the way that I feel right now - oh lord it may go So place your hands on my hope, run your fingers through my soul. And the way"
  • Fire Maringo - Tears For Beers
    "Left him up and carry him along Fire Maringo, fire him away Lay him in the hole where he belong Fire Maringo, fire him away Lay him down in the hole below Fire Maringo, fire him away One more turn and"
  • The Banks O Doon - Robert Burns
    "The Banks O' Doon (Robert Burns) Ye flowery banks o'bonie Doon, How can ye blume sae fair; How can ye chant, ye 1ittle birds, And I sae fu'o'care! Thou'll break my heart, thou bonie bird That sings upon"
  • She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft) - Jerry Reed
    "Well, I guess it was back in '63 When eatin' my cookin' got the better of me, So I asked this little girl I was goin' with to be my wife. Well, she said she would, so I said I do. But I'da said I wouldn't"
  • Marooned - Running Wild
    "Fire, fore and aft Man the boats and put to the sea Crashing yardarms - cries of pain A will to live - a chance to flee Panic on the boats to save Stricken hands the first on board Leading to eternal grave Dragging"
  • Andro And His Cutty Gun - Unknown Artist
    "Andro and his Cutty Gun Blyth, blyth, blyth, was she, Blyth was she but and ben; And well she loo'd a Hawick gill, And leugh to see a tappit-hen. She took me in and set me down, And heght to keep me lawin-free; But"
  • Don't rock the boat, dear - Dean Martin
    "(MW) Don't rock the boat dear (MW) Keep our love afloat dear (MW) Strike that happy note dear (MW) We're not lost at sea (DM) Keep our love ready (DM) And never high or heady (DM) Always keep it steady"
  • Highest Key Of The Illuminati (Liber Samekh) - Internal Suffering
    "Longing for wisdom... Own law soon to be declared About to become a... Master of the highest Magick Independent and self-reliant... increased devotion! Intense, perpetual, all consuming state... evolving! "
  • Uderz w dzwon (PL, ANG) - Nieznani
    "Słowa: Tomasz Misztal Muzyka: trad. Aft on the poop deck, walkin' about. There is the second mate, so steady a' so stout. What he is tinkin' of he doesn't know himself. O, we wish that he would hurry up"
  • Part Iv (The Sailor's Alphabet) - Fairport Convention
    "A's for the anchor that lies at our bow B's for the bowsprit and the jibs all lie low C's for the capstan we all run around D's for the davits to lower the boat down (Chorus) Merrily, merrily So merry"
  • The Sexy Data Tango - Voltaire
    "If, while you're out in space, love You're horny as a targ Take a tip from a security chief, love That phat slut Tasha Yar She discovered the pleasures of Data He became her sexual pet 'cause he's fully"
  • Love Barge - Denis Leary
    "Love... Exciting and new Come aboard We're expecting you We're expecting you Love (love) Love (love) Life's sweetest reward But it floats It floats back to you It floats back to you Love (love, love) Love"
  • Shipwreck Balladeer - The Arrogant Worms
    "I have been since seventeen a shipwreck balladeer Tragedy and misery are what makes my career Watery graves are my stock and trade, but it's getting harder For all the boats that now do float are returning"
  • The Airway - Owl City
    "When I am fast asleep I dream and see you floating high above me And I awake at dawn Before the rays of morning paint the front lawn From on the bedroom floor I watch you sailing far above the seashore In"
  • Come A' Ye Tramps An' Hawkers - Celtic Folk
    "Celtic Folk Misc Come A' Ye Tramps An' Hawkers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are dozens of traditional verses to this one. Which ones do you "
  • The Irish Rover - The Pogues
    "(Traditional) On the fourth of July eighteen hundred and six We set sail from the sweet cove of Cork We were sailing away with a cargo of bricks For the grand city hall in New York 'Twas a wonderful craft,"

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