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Aha Afternoon High

  • Afternoon High - A-ha
    "The sunlight hits the corner of your eye As it bounces off the morning sky The summer in the 70s fly by Bye Daylight hits the corners of your mind Steals the thought you thought no one could find"
  • AHA - Malik Montana
    "Utwór "AHA” pochodzi z albumu ”Import / Export”, drugiej solowej płyty rapera Malika Montany. Premiera krążka została zaplanowana na 27 września 2019 roku."
  • Aha - The Do
    "It came up on a day I was having a nap It came up on a day I was catching the gnats it was a trap it came up on a day I was patting the cat A happy summer day it was simple as that it was a trap this time I"
  • AHA - Talar
    "ona właśnie do mnie macha jest przykładem super ciacha ona raczej się nie waha tańczy na swych marzeń dachach nic dziwnego że zachwyca piękne oczy, nogi, lica postać i figura cała byleby mnie tylko chciała ona"
  • Aha Aha - Vix.N
    "kolejne miasto dla moich mord kolejne miasto kolejne miasto jedziemy po swoje jedziemy pon stop kolejne miasto dla moich mord to dla moich mord kolejne miasto kolejne miasto jedziemy po swoje jedziemy"
  • Sunday Afternoon - Rachael Yamagata
    "It's a choice to stay It's a dream & I wanna wake You have blood on your hands and I'm feeling faint And honey You can't decide I'm a drug Ya don't wanna give up Smoke your cigarettes Make your love You"
  • Dog Day Afternoon - Promoe
    "Good morning, boys and girls. It's a new day, what we call the morning after. Ain't nothing changed, though. Still the same war, yer' head feelin like it exploded last night, right. Verse 1: (Promoe) All"
  • Take On Me - Aha
    "Aha Miscellaneous Take On Me Take On Me Aha (Hunting High And Low) We're talking away I don't know what I'm to say I'll say it anyway Today's another day to find you Shying away I'll be coming for your"
  • Say aha - Santogold
    "Louder than they allow, Say Aha, Aha!At night it's eating up your headbacked against a wallGot you in a tight placethough you're not alone at allBeen fighting, trying to place a name on what it's calledMake"
  • AHA & YESSIRSKI - Otsochodzi
    "YESSIRSKI, YESSIRSKI , YESSIRSKI YESSIRSKI, YESSIRSKI , YESSIRSKI krzycze elo a pamietam jak kompletowałem pierwsze demo gram to 5 flow na płytę krzyczę elo a pamietam jak kompletowałem pierwsze demo teraz"
  • High - New Model Army
    "Down beneath the swoosh of the turbines, the long grass blows in ripples There's a beautiful spiral of roads that leads the lost up here I was watching the birds taking off to swoop down over the city They"
  • Afternoon - Eleni Mandell
    "I wanna be your afternoon When you take a break from work When you go to see your debutante in the city Man, I wanna know that I saw you first I wanna be your afternoon I wanna be your good-time girl I"
  • Afternoon - Rhesus
    "I wake up in the afternoon Clocks gone wrong, It's gonna happen soon Clouds floating in reverse You call me from the shore, I want more The fog horn blows, I can hear it too Your words are sweets,"
  • Afternoon - Ive Mendes
    "I love, I love, I love the end of the afternoonIt makes me think of you..uh..Eu amo a tardeO final da tardeAs coisas ficam mais soltasAs coisas ficam mais soltasOs sorrisos mais altosAs cores das coisas"
  • Afternoon - Carla Bruni
    "When I am old, and comforted, And done with this desire, With memory to share my bed And peace to share my fire, I'll comb my hair in scalloped bands Beneath my laundered cap, And watch my cool and fragile"
  • Love In The Hot Afternoon - Chesnutt Mark
    "Chesnutt Mark Miscellaneous Love In The Hot Afternoon From somewhere outside I hear the street vendor cry file' gumbo Through my window I see him going down the street and he don't know That she fell right"
  • AHA (feat. Pezet) - Otsochodzi
    "gram tu 5 flow na płytę z góry krzyczę: elo a pamiętam jak kompletowałem pierwsze demo teraz kiedy słyszą próbki mówią: Janek, bueno pytają, czy pójdę dalej mówię: no, problemo! gram tu 5 flow na płytę z"
  • High Life - Arabesque
    "and John Moering (Lyrics) I was poor and lonely Till I met the only Man that ever moved my heart He is such a nice man And he is wise man For the told me from the start "You've always been a poor girl They"
  • Ridin' High - Kottonmouth Kings
    "(feat. B-Real) Ridin' High Switchin' lanes back and forth, poppin' strains of Indo We ridin' high Foot on the gas, car full and we smoke Ridin' high Laid back, smooth, it'll put you in the mood"
  • Afternoon Tea - The Kinks
    "Tea time won't be the same without my Donna At night I lie awake and dream of Donna I think about that small cafe That's where we used to meet each day And then we used to sit a while And drink our"

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