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Ana metal for charity project ana

  • Ana - Ana Metal For Charity Project
    "Roses raining on an empty shell A shadow resembling you We bow to receive your last farewell I search for where your soul flew Making the best out of what you had Showed us always open doors Being the"
  • Ana Nomaly - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Ana Nomaly Ana Nomaly, Ana Nomaly, Ana Nomaly One two three four One two three four You turned out to be just a little cynical Impolite and, oh, most of all You can swear My girl,"
  • Oh Ana - Mother Mother
    "I'll be god today Hold my head under that bath and breathe away Slit my wrists and watch that blood evaporate Being this godly can't be good for Ana's safety, Ana hear me I'll play god today Anti up and"
  • Ana nomaly - Caesar
    "You turned out to be just a little cynical Impolite and, oh, most of all You can swear, my girl, everywhere you go I'll be Ana Nomaly You have proved to be just a little difficult Had me amazed, messed"
  • Ana Ng - They Might Be Giants
    "Make a hole with a gun perpendicular To the name of this town in a desk-top globe Exit wound in a foreign nation Showing the home of the one this was written for My apartment looks upside down from there Water"
  • Pokarekare Ana - All Angels
    "Pkarekare ana ng wai o Waiapu, Whiti atu koe hine marino ana e. E hine e hoki mai ra. Ka mate ahau I te aroha e. Tuhituhi taku reta tuku atu taku rngi, Kia kite t iwi raru raru ana e. E hine e hoki"
  • Santa Ana - Bruce Springsteen
    "From the tin rooftop the little boy did watch The procession down through town Through the museum where Daniel whupped the Devil With them boys from the underground Where the Giants of Science fight for"
  • Ma?ana - Carlos Santana
    "Oh no no oh no no Sometimes I wish I knew your name At times I want to say hello But you seem so far away To let my feelings show And though I don't know what to say I feel that someday soon one day Love"
  • Ana - PtakY
    "Od Ciebie niebo, które znam Od Ciebie błękit wreszcie mam Od Ciebie słońca czuje żar Dla Ciebie mogę jeszcze raz Dla Ciebie wierzyć w dobry świat Dla Ciebie mogę jeszcze raz Jeszcze raz AnA, AnA, AnA,"
  • Ana - Ismael Serrano
    "Ana, es tan corta la vida y son tantas despedidas, llenas de promesas vanas. Ana, que sera de nosotros, cuando caigmos y otros ocupen nuestro lugar. Ana, donde sera la batalla proxima en que perdamos la"
  • Ana - Man
    "Ana tiene 15 Nia se te vino un problemn Algo est creciendo En su vientre hay algo en expansin El culpable ya huy Pobre Ana sola se qued No le duele tanto eso Sino que lo niegue el maricn Ana no lo cuenta Ana"
  • Ana - Boys
    "1. Wiem to napewno, że chcesz być ze mną, Wzrok swój opuszczasz i wstydzisz się. Serce oddałaś, choć nie wiedziałaś, Z kim będziesz dalej przez życie iść. Ref. Twój słodki śmiech, urzeka"
  • Santa Ana winds - Beach Boys
    "Here in Sothern California there is a weather condition known as the Santa Ana Winds.Fire wind oh desert windShe was born in a desert breezeAnd wind her wayThrough Canyon WayFrom the desert to the silvery"
  • Santa Ana Winds - The Beach Boys
    "Here in Sothern California there is a weather condition known as the Santa Ana Winds. Fire wind oh desert wind She was born in a desert breeze And wind her way Through Canyon Way From the desert to the"
  • Santa Ana Woman - Bobs
    "The next thing I knew, there was a pain in my head like my sinuses were cracking. The Santa Ana winds had come back, and the whole city of L.A. was acting like it had PMS. I heard high heels on the linoleum"
  • Mejor Ma?ana - Yaki-Da
    "Lyrics: John Ballard, "Joker" and Linda Schnberg Music: Jonas "Joker" Berggren Oye, maana mejor maana Oye Maana Gonna get a place in the sun Mejor Maana Gonna get it right and move on You worry in the"
  • If You Got Ana - Crime Mob
    "If you got Ana well nigga lets go! Boy u dont want it cuz i am to crunk! When we get throwed we dont give a fuck! Blastin at suckaz dat try to catch us! [1st Verse (CycoPlack)] Triple filitation,aint"
  • Call Me Ma?ana - Scooter
    "Start in right Keep it up Yeah, I used to say When we were starting up Now I represent It's still the busy job Ready to explore And check the microphone Now back on the floor I want to see you soon Rockin'"
  • Dear Ana (ft. Jai Wolf) - Matthew Koma
    "I can’t keep faking it A smile real wide with a mouth of diamonds With a shine it’s count a fit When we’re dressed in a white We’re in Halloweens outfits And obsessed with protecting you Ypu’re triggjher"
  • Holy Diver (Dio cover) - Ana Metal For Charity
    "Holy Diver You've been down too long in the midnight sea Oh what's becoming of me Ride the tiger You can see his stripes but you know he's clean Oh don't you see what I mean Gotta get away Holy Diver..."

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