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Andy leech

  • Leech - Jimmie's Chicken Shack
    "A...S...S take a look at me now take whatever you think u need ahh, ahh, ahh skin is turning to scar from the blood that you make me bleed ahh, ahh, ahh there is one thing in life that you will never"
  • Leech - Jimmies Chicken Shack
    "A...S...S take a look at me now take whatever you think u need ahh, ahh, ahh skin is turning to scar from the blood that you make me bleed ahh, ahh, ahh there is one thing in life that you will never"
  • Leech - Limp Bizkit
    "Tell me why ya came, tell me why you're here Tell me why your voice is always ringing in my ear You wanna be the man Hangin with my crew Who the hell are you though I see you're always at my shows, always"
  • Leech - No Warning
    "I will remain convicted It's not up for discussion We're not looking for another way For you to latch on, you leech For once in your life things are out of reach Do you words hold so much values That you"
  • Leech - Incubus
    "Does it make you indie? Does it make you proud? To talk the world into a paper bag Spotty stain of "I'm ok, you're not ok" Yes, men too could be on the rag I'm over my head I need a pick-me-up Its easy"
  • Leech - Eldritch
    "Rush! Throw your last ace don't stare at his face, tonight! he'll crush you, he'll rape you Go! don't trust at his smiles don't enjoy for his lies, tonight! he'll swallow, he'll suck your blood Wake!"
  • Leech - Chaos UK
    "Politicians one after one Creating havoc and having fun Pulling our lives to bits and pieces Sucking and crawling like common leeches Vote for me, I'm SDP No vote labour, no vote Tory You don't know"
  • Leech - Sevendust
    "What are you saying ? Did you forget yourself ? You kill the sickness Secure within your health Don't make a sound I could break That stupid silence degrades I ask of you could you wait What's the use"
  • Leech - Eve 6
    "Tell those stories to me I'm dying to hear The things you've done and seen Farfetched as they may be You strike a smile at me Your stories ring of purgery Construed with self empowering theme Suckin'"
  • Leech Boy - Abscess
    "Leech Boy I Caught a great Big batch Today Walked Out of the Water and Felt them Suck Tiny Teeth Affixed to my Flesh Glistening Denizens of Muck Leech -- I'm a Leech Boy My Folks they Sent me out again There'll"
  • Leech Eclipse - Lock Up
    "Death in the air, on the land, in the sea Stockpiles of waste carving the holes in the sky Conspiring a myth that for now all is well Meanwhile all set for a sleigh ride to hell Leech eclipse Earth's bloodstained"
  • Leech (Demo) - Limp Bizkit
    "Oooh, yeah! Tell me why ya' came. Tell me why your here. Tell me why your voice is always ringin' in my ear. Ya' wanna be tha' man hangin' with my crew? Who the hell are you through? I see your always"
  • You Leech - Ektomorf
    "You fucking leech! Many times I've been thinking what the fuck you were doin' in my life? Don't you know appreciation gratitude or friendly relation? I gave you all I had, all, all, all and I just see"
  • Anna's Leech - Vanished
    "The sun still shines but the moon declines Our request for time it's lost tonight I will break through but will I find you I catch a spark at the thought of you Gone today so don't leave me this way I"
  • Whiskey Leech - Orange Goblin
    "I'm not about to change the course of mankind But I found a little reason for living I spoke to Elvis through a hole in the sky And he told me all my sins were forgiven So now I'm standing like a fool"
  • She's A Leech - The Toy Dolls
    "She looks so grand a one night stand maybe I took my chance I said "let's dance baby" How was he to know, she would never let him go Back at my place, in an embrace, we were And stuck together I could"
  • Leech - Raunchy
    "I tried just to avoid youI was never able toCause you were always aroundAnywhere you could appearYou spoiled it all for meNobody else could seeThe pain you put me inI never needed a friendI wanna meet"
  • Leech - Green River
    "I feel I'm getting weak at the knees I bet I'm gettin your disease Too weak to run, I've lost to much blood Don't you understand, I've had enough Coughing up blood I'm coughing your love Coughing up blood I"
  • LEECH - The GazettE
    "(Nobody, if I left you) Mazuru kame wo matataku to ima mirateta yo Nani tsukerare tsuyoi na itami ga ore wo hanase ne Tairu ni koboreta ii REFLECTION Kazumi no oboreta etsu COLLECTION Nandemo wa te matsui,"
  • Go To Sleep Little Leech - The Arrogant Worms
    "As a small baby Each time I cried My mother came to me To ease my worries and calm my fears with a sweet melody I remember hearing The sound of her voice As I screamed in my drool and my pee She'd"

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