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  • Follow T - T-Bone
    "You can catch me in the big body S-Class wit chrome spinners Pulling up to the club wit a brim, ice and the chinchilla Stacking that skrilla in a legal way Rock stadiums from Nicaragua down to San Tropez,"
  • Ice T - Ice-T
    "Im rollin up in a big grey bus Im shackled down, myself thats who I trust The minute I arrived some sucker got hit Shanked 10 times behind some bullshit Word on the pen the fool was a snitch So without"
  • Don`t look back - U.D.O.
    "Sometimes I remember my life The wheels been spinning so long So many years have passed me by And the feelings are still running oh so strong Now something new is here I'm gonna fly and spread my wings And"
  • T - Teitur
    "t ert ein eingil dottin av himni t osar av t góa t ert ómgulig at hata tnir fingrar dansa alt gerst so livandi t ert ein eingil eftir llum at dma eg sggi tna mynd mnum spegli eg bii til tn móti t"
  • T - Linda Ronstadt
    "written by Felipe Valdez Leal Miro como ando mujer Por tu querer Borracho y apasionado No ms por tu amor. Mira como ando mi bien Muy dado a la borrachera Y a la perdición. T sólo t Has llenado de luto"
  • T - Altan
    "T mo chleamhnas 'a dhanamh inniu agus inn 'S n mó n go dtaitnonn an bhean uda liom fin Ach fugfidh m mo dhiaidh , 's rachaidh m leat fin Sos fna coille craobhaigh A match was a-making here last night And"
  • T - Van Morrison & The Chieftains
    "1. T mo chleamhnas danta ó athr arir S'n mó n go dtaithnonn an bhean liom fin Ach fgfaidh m i mo dhiaidh 'gus imeoidh m liom fin Ar fud na gcoillte craobhach My match it was made here last night To a"
  • T - Hedningarna
    "Tss'on nainen tuulen tuoma tuulen tuoma ve'en vetm meren aaltojen ajama meren tyrskyn tyntelem Kuin mie kynen laulamahan laulan mie meren mesiksi suoloiksi meren somerot meren hiekat hernehiksi"
  • T - Thrice
    "in my head everything was perfect and every note resounds in harmony but all i seem to offer up are dischords and every note i sing sounds out of key and every time i play with passion i start breaking"
  • T - Selena
    "----------------------------------------------------------- Please remember! This translation is my personal work. It is sometimes difficult to translate word for word from Spanish to English, so it may"
  • T - Justyna Steczkowska
    "jeszcze widzę to miasteczko jak szalone:na ulicach tłum, a z nieba płynie żar,tu gra muzyka, słyszę głosy rozbawioneśmiech i krzyki roztańczonych w koło par.gdy ulicą szłam samotna, zagubionatłum otoczył"
  • T - Hedningarna
    "Dagen gr emot ett avsked hll skiljevg fr oss Sovandes mellan hnder s drjer livet kvar Sorgen r en ensam fgel som slumrar dr du bor den drjer nnu kvar i porten men r nrmare n du tror Dden den frhller"
  • T - Selena
    ""You Don't Know" ----------------------------------------------------------- Please remember! This translation is my personal work. It is sometimes difficult to translate word for word from Spanish"
  • T - Sarah Brightman
    "You, with no reason at all You kiss me You got me feeding A broken part of your skin You, as the lime Which, when wet, is mortal You whiten my senses Soaking to the matress You, you, you, you You, you,"
  • T - Peach Weber
    "Tik it easy, Lisi Tik it easy Tik it easy, Lisi Tik it easy Today it's raining But the sun will shine Tomorrow will be a better time It's very goog song Yesterday I met a girl The prittiest women of"
  • T-Bone - James Taylor
    "Me and T-Bone on the road to town, it's like I'm walking with a talking machine. Just as soon as he thinks of something else, he won't wait to interrupt himself. Must be something that he can't quite say,"
  • Phat-T - Another Level
    "Verse One:B Glad like the bag I'm not mad like the hatterOn Anotha Level and I didn't use a ladderListen up good call me short and it's onBust you in the dome cuz I got little man's syndromeAlways down"
  • T Minus - Dreadlock Pussy
    "I can't take it, I can't take it I can't make it, move in time I can't take it, I can't take it I can't make it, pass me by As I stand paralysed like stone And the future just became the day I wonder"
  • Don`t - Mike And The Mechanics
    "I don't want to condescend I just want to be your friend I don't want to drive your car I just want to make a start with you I don't want to touch your lace I just want to touch your face but everytime"
  • Back Back - Lil' O
    "(Chorus) Back Back Back Back gimme 50 feet Or I'ma grab the gat and hit a nigga with the heat Back Back Back Back gimme 50 feet Don't try to gimme dap bitch you ain't no kin to me Back Back Back Back"

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