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Backlev, glasgow

  • Glasgow Central - Billy Connolly
    "Last Train Tae Glasgow Central Last Train Tae Glasgow Central You better catch this one. And you better have a ticket 'cos here's the man BiddieBiddiebumbum - to Glasgow central We had a great time."
  • Glasgow Girl - Rodney Crowell
    "I'm stuck out on the Ring Road, tonight the stars are crossed If I don't find my way around soon, I'm sure to end up lost Sheffield has that certain mix of danger and despair I need to roll these windows"
  • Glasgow Peggy - Silly Wizard
    "As they came on to Glasgow town, And passd the banks and braes sae bonny, There they espied the weel-faurd may, And she said to them her name was Peggy. Their chief did meet her father soon, And O! but"
  • Christmas And Glasgow - Deacon Blue
    "He was lying in the half light Of Christmas and Glasgow Thinking and talking Talking to St Enoch about Christmas and Glasgow Drinking and talking And the sweet smell Of the Kelvin Hall Circus And the"
  • Dreamtime in Glasgow - Colin Hay
    "I can't begin to tell you What is in my mind So here I sit since last October Sometimes I feel as if that I am mocking timeI'm doing my best at staying soberAnd if you were to say to meWhat is it that"
  • Kings O' Glasgow - Real Mckenzies
    "McTavish worked the factory a common workin' lad Not much to look forward to 'cept drink and being bad He'd show up at the bar and spend his money on the booze Spend the night complaining, to the barman"
  • Sealed With A Glasgow Kiss - Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
    "I worship the ground that you walk on Give praise to the place where you sit Your face and the space that you talk from Your teeth and those unlucky lips I gave you my name and independence And the best"
  • Send Those Dark Eyes This Way - Attic Lights
    "Morning comes standing in the queue for something nice But all the thoughts in my head are occupied with last night Please if you smile at me and I'll smile back It's not complicated and that's a fact You"
  • Stadium Blitzer - Gourds
    "Whistle through my wallet Rent's due - I ain't got it I like my water heater Its's a leaker in my stadium blitzer Livings gotten easy Everything I ever wanted From glasgow and the liquor store I'm"
  • Take Me Somewhere Nice - Mogwai
    "Ghosts in the photograph never lie'd to me. I'd be all of that I'd be all of that. A false memory would be everything. A denial my eliminent. What was that for? What was that for? What would you do if"
  • The Last Rose Of Summer (another Version) - John McDermott
    "Time and time again I am asked the same questions: "John where did you study?" "Are you professionally trained?" "Is it difficult to stay in voice?" I come by my voice by virtue of my birth. I can honestly"
  • Down All The Days - The Pogues
    "(Shane MacGowan) Christy Brown a clown around town Now he's a man of renown from Dingle to Down I type with me toes Suck stout through me nose And where it's gonna end God only knows Down all the days The"
  • Kids On The Street - Angelic Upstarts
    "Kids on the street Are the kids that you meet Long haired short haired Black and white Kids on the street just Kids that you meet Know how to laugh And they know how to cry Just go on and on They never"
  • Sitamoia - Thin Lizzy
    "(chorus) Sitamoia Sitamoia Sitamoia Gidda gadda aga (? ) Sitamoia Gidda gadda aga (? ) (chorus) (chorus) (chorus) Hey mister can I shine your shoes? Hey mister can I sing the blues? Hey mister do you"
  • English Wipeout - 999
    "Hello London Lets move onto Birmingham What about Scotland Edinburgh and Glasgow Here comes Newcastle Middlesborough Garden There's gonna be An English Wipeout English Wipeout English Wipeout Oh no Hello"
  • Blue Fruit - Super Furry Animals
    "Sitting round when I'm on the trees Like Glasgow breezes Blue lagoons and classic sunsets But you are all I'm looking for You are why duty calls Blue fruit, blue fruit Blue fruit's growing on my door Blue"
  • Down All The Days - Pogues
    "Christy Brown a clown around town Now he's a man of renown from Dingle to Down I type with me toes Suck stout through me nose And where it's gonna end God only knows Down all the days The tap-tap-tapping Of"
  • Bridesmaids' Gimmicks - Salad
    "( Cardboy king EP Part 1 ) You just give me Bridesmaids' gimmicks There's a glac cherry On your wedding cake Your ex-boyfriend's crying In the background Hiding behind The easter candle Glasgow italian"
  • Mary Hamilton - Joan Baez
    "Mary Hamilton Word is to the kitchen gone, and word is to the Hall And word is up to Madam the Queen, and that's the worst of all That Mary Hamilton has borne a babe To the highest Stuart of all Oh rise,"
  • Mary Hamilton - Celtic Folk
    "Celtic Folk Miscellaneous Mary Hamilton Mary Hamilton trad. Word is to the kitchen gone and word is to the hall, And word is up to Madam the Queen and that is the worst of all. That Mary"

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