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Bamboozled Shadowlands

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Bamboozled Shadowlands

  • Shadowlands - Bamboozled
    "Darkness is definitely fallin' Movin' so slow I'm barely crawlin' Here I sit, dirt on my hands Lyin' way, out in the Shadowlands Leave my bed and here I lie Try to hold my head up high Lyin' to myself"
  • Bamboozled - Dean Martin
    "(Bamboozled bamboozled) Hey looky here see me grin ear to ear all aglow I'm so bamboozled (Bamboozled) Hey look at me walking tall as a tree since I got a lot bamboozled (Bamboozled) I kept shying away"
  • Bamboozled - Kool Keith
    "Yeah, the diesel truckers, with, Kool Keith Marc Live, Jacky Jasper We come international, and rational I saw the Grammy's, I wasn't impressed with that A lot of stylists overdressed that Was"
  • Shadowlands - Ryan Adams
    "God, please bring the rain Yeah, and bring it soon Let it flood right through the houses Into Judy's room With a father on amphetamines Her mother hides the pearls Reach out into the darkness And"
  • Shadowlands - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "Ah, soon she will wake When love is the air she breathes Hurry into her please Alight again And take what we reap A harvest abounding The trumpets are sounding A beautiful name From shadowlands we run A"
  • Shadowlands - Rebecca St. James
    "You promised me That You'd never leave Or let me go You promised me That You'd love me through The highs and lows You promised me You won't give me more Than I can hear You promised me That when I cry"
  • The shadowlands - Ryan Adams
    "God, please bring the rainYeah, and bring it soonLet it flood right through the housesInto Judy's roomWith a father on amphetaminesHer mother hides the pearlsReach out into the darknessAnd find my little"
  • Bamboozled By Love - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Ike Willis (rhythm guitar, vocals) Ray White (rhythm guitar, vocals) Steve Vai (rhythm guitar, vocals) Warren Cucurullo (rhythm guitar, vocals) Denny Walley (slide guitar,"
  • Farewell To Shadowlands - Glass Hammer
    "I walked in the Valley Of Deepest Despair sought only comfort Sent forth a prayer Fell foes gather 'round me Shadows draw near In gathering Twilight I labor in Fear Out through the Darkness On through"
  • 2045 Radical Man - Bamboozled
    "How can a non-musician discuss The future of music From anything other than A consumer point of view? These few people make decisions For the bulk of us Without consulting any of us Sales and distributions"
  • Blak Iz Blak - Bamboozled
    "Peep the math, Mau Mau be about land and freedom Reparation and apologies, for Africa to America Odysseys Guerrilla type tactics on them socialistic fallacies It be about, the devastations of the social"
  • Can I Walk with You - Bamboozled
    "I woke up this morning You were the first thing on my mind I don't know were it came from All I know is I need you in my life, yeah You make me feel like I can be a better woman If you just say you wanna Take"
  • In My Head - Bamboozled
    "You're like a cool breeze, on a summer's day You are a river running through the desert plain You are my shelter, from the pouring rain You were my comfort, even before the pain I can hear the sound of"
  • One Night - Bamboozled
    "One night is all I need To make, make you, you mine One night is all I need One night, one night One night is all I need One night to make you mine One night is all I need One night, one night One night"
  • Promises - Bamboozled
    "When I think about the turn my life has taken I know it's because of you that I receive so many blessings I had a home but no privacy I didn't know a thing about my legacy When I realized you were there"
  • Withering Life - Funeris Nocturnum
    "With my pale eyes i behold the sky, full of death Disgrace the bastard son of god! The night descents to the shadowlands, And on the wings of evil we ride, destroying the weak, breeding pain and misery. Life,"
  • Recyclable Body Fluids In Human Form - Locust
    "Such and such a hero has done so and so Dick mythology (dickology), don't miss out Just an ambidextrous hunch spawning an armless puppet child skeptically in cahoots with objectionable arch archetypes Gullibility's"
  • Conspiracy - Puissance
    "Hiding in the shades of grey, sheltered by the white noise I see you. Finding just a single strand, reel you in and make you see the truth. Blending in so perfectly, underneath the layers of disbelief. Sharpening"
  • Bonfire of the Insanities - Exmortem
    "The trickster has shown his flag He is the challenger Death's winged commander? A master of disguise You see witches in my eyes Dancing high above what is sane Killing them would be like Killing myself Welcome"
  • Lay Your Heart To Rest - Poisonblack
    "I've fallen from grace into the kingdom of shadowlands into the pleasure's nest This pale death on my face I've come to love and understand when I laid my heart to rest And I believe in one thing forevermore,"

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