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Been making highlife

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Been making highlife

  • Highlife - Cypress Hill
    "I rolled you up like my Rizla Cut you up, with my sisters You wanna get us - yeah, the venom spitters Your style's trash: don't litter You got the jitters the hardhitters No quitters your soul quivers When"
  • Lowlife (Living The Highlife) - Kid Rock
    "I got my Cat Scratch Fever eight-track My best friend's in a gun rack I'm a lowlife I owe everybody money I think racist jokes are funny I'm a lowlife I got a dirty mind, a gutter mouth I'm makin' time,"
    "nic nie upiekło i to jakoś leci typów zapiekło ze to pchamy w necik pora porapować odstawić na bok libacje LUNATYK powraca pierd* te hibernacje! palę lolo z ziomalem co go znam kupę lat palę lolo z ziomalem w"
  • Somethings Been Making Me Blue - Smokie
    "Love has shaken me, sometimes mistaken me, This time it's making me hide, Love has told on me then got a hold on me, Followed my heart to my pride. But something's been making me blue, And somehow I can't"
  • Making Christmas - Danny Elfman
    "(CLOWN) This time, this time (GROUP) Making Christmas (CLOWN) Making Christmas (MAYOR) Making Christmas, making Christmas Is so fine (GROUP) It's ours this time And won't the cildren be surprised It's"
  • Making Christmas - The Nightmare Before Christmas (soundtrack)
    "CLOWN This time, this time GROUP Making Christmas CLOWN Making Christmas MAYOR Making Christmas, making Christmas Is so fine GROUP It's ours this time And won't the cildren be surprised It's ours this"
  • Making love - Bonnie Tyler
    "I know just how to whisper And I know just how to cry I know just where to find the answers And I know just how to lie I know just how to fake it And I know just how to scheme I know just when to face"
  • Making Waves - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Frost) When I was a young boy nothing much mattered to me You were a girl and a half and you saw yourself a mystery We got together for a while, I did everything you wanted me to Well I tried and"
  • Making scene - Bic Runga
    "Making a scene I'm coming clean Thought I'd like to put you in your place My drink in your face Wouldn't look so bad Now I'll live this down Let me know if I'm talking much too loud Drawing a crowd"
  • Making Mistakes - Joseph Arthur
    "I can't feel now anybody Buried under who I am Just another one of many Wishing we could start again Making mistakes To kill some time Waking up with the shakes And a poisoned mind I know that you might"
  • Making Dens - Mystery Jets
    "I have a plane, One of the few With roundels on its wings. Lullaby for me and for you, When it flys high it sings Rock me to sleep With que sara, Dear monde do you suppose? As I feel my eyelids"
  • Making Friends - Lagwagon
    "As you're in this search for something to hate I can feel you rally up on someone with your peers But can you stand alone? Can you take the long way home? I've been stuck inside this circle a hundred times"
  • Making Love - Eric Benet
    "It feels unbelievable wen my bodies wrapped around you Forever could never be enough But it's not thru physical wen my soul is tryin to reach you The heart is the way to makin love Now I've come to understand"
  • Making It - Neocolours
    "It's been a long time and I haven't known This love overflowin' You seem to be there when I needed you most The heartaches just disappear And when the world would be fallin' apart You said, "it's gonna"
  • I've Been Making Such A Fool - Deacon Blue
    "I've been making such a fool of me Drinking more than the Irish sea Even my old friends say I never should be Talking on the last bus telling all the folks Of things we did together all on our own Talking"
  • Making me blue - BB King
    "I had no worriesTill i met youBut ever since that day, babyLord, what i've been doing throughI found no restNo happinessYou don't do nothing but making me blueYou said you loved meAnd i believed in youI"
  • Making Me Blue - B.B. King
    "I had no worries Till I met you But ever since that day, baby Lord, what I've been doing through I found no rest No happiness You don't do nothing but making me blue You said you loved me And I believed"
  • Making Me Nervous - Brad Sucks
    "One step at a time don't be living on the line I don't need a friend I got morbid on the mind Sunshine in my brain making everyone complain Radio in the heart don't be being so strange I think I'm losing"
  • Making Me Scream - Accept
    "Full moon in the sky Is like an enemy I feel like everybody Is going to walk all over me A never-ending fall I can't believe it's real Rolling down a hill Tumbling like a broken wheel I'm caught in"
  • Making A Killing - Phantom Planet
    "Cut your losses Cut your ties Start a new life These things they can tie you up, weigh you down Wear you in then wear you out One day you could find yourself suddenly Underneath a guillotine You'll"

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