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Berry Juice - Jay Bae

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Berry Juice - Jay Bae

  • Juice - Stefflon Don
    "He said he love it when I ride the stick Get on top of it Love the chase Like that vodka with that after mix Block a bitch Who you be Who you rocking with Toppin shit Make em freeze In my artic whip Listening"
  • Bae - LISA MAY
    "Everyday everytime I tell you I love you I try to be simple But I ain't Gimme gimme gimme your love Your time Ima be Ima be yours tonight now Gimme gimme a reason Why you're always right Telling me stuff"
  • Blacker The Berry - Field Mob
    "(Chevy P aka Smoke) Its ya boy Chevy P babe... Listen (Chevy P aka Smoke) I remember as a kid back.. in the days I got picked on kicked at... shit on spit at Get gone get back (gone Smoke) get away Havin"
  • The Blacker The Berry - Kendrick Lamar
    "Everything black, I don't want black I want everything black, I ain't need black on black, I ain't mean black I everything black, aint need black Everything black, I don't want black I want everything"
  • Berry - Courtney Love
    "Do you wanna ride on my death machine? F**king die in it if you dare Yeah yeah... Yeah I kill what I need Yeah I kill what I needed When I die won't you berry me Cause I berried you baby deep in me Yea"
  • Berry - Hole
    "Oh yeah, oh yeah Oh yeah yeah, yeah yeah Do you want a ride on my death machine? Pump a dime in if you do Oh yeah, oh yeah Oh yeah yeah, yeah yeah Yeah, I kill what I need Yeah, I kill what I need When"
  • Berry - Dir En Grey
    "daddy mommy * sad ice strawBerry daddy mommy mad strawBerry daddy mommy sad strawBerry daddy mommy mad daddy strawBerry daddy mommy bad mommy strawBerry daddy mommy 9 bed pan jam raspBerry jam ice daddy"
  • Bae Shin - Baby Vox
    "No obnun sesangdo nunbu shingor ara do isangun nomanur barabodon nega aniya Gurohge surphun dushi chyoda bojinma ije donun noege jursu inun maumi obso Jigum namungon tonanun il punirangor gomabgedo tonanun"
  • Juice (ft. Miley Cyrus) - Kaptn
    "Your girls is a foxy Jamay We partyin' like its payday I'm hopin she shave her jay jay When she rubbin' me down She be using the mayonnaise We kickin' it like I'm pele Hold up wait a minute Ray Jay Dribble"
  • Juice - Sara Boruc Mannei
    "can be no one else I am running form myself .. I am comfortable inside my skin dear my time in hell .. I am sorry and nothing gonna wear me thing so throw my your bullets and make me a foulest through"
  • Juice - Kurtis Blow
    "I was walkin' down the avenue the other day When I heard this crazy sound It was nothing but a guy with a set of drums But he was really gettin' down He said my name is Jack and I'm a rhythm attack When"
  • JUICE - Beteo
    "Umarł Juice WRLD A ja właśnie czytam o tym newsa Wciągnęła go noc Niespokojna jego dusza Ja myślę o tym ilu moich ludzi Wczoraj ćpało Oby nic się nie stało, mordy Nic się nie stało 200 na godzinę A kierowca"
  • Juice - Chingy
    "What's up y'all? It's Chingy slot a lot in the house We got Jackpot The Pimp in the back We came herre today to address a certain issue That all you young playas need to know about, for real Juice these"
  • Juice - Coldplay
    "She cant hide no matter how hard she triesher secret disguise behind the liesand at night she cries away her pridewith eyes shut tight and starin at her inside all her firends know why she cant sleep at"
  • Juice - Dogwood
    "Come back again I need this more than you could know Stress importance To tell the truth, don't let 'em down And make sure that she's a winner Your expectations only let you down Seems like everyone"
  • Juice - Lizzo
    "Mirror, mirror on the wall Don't say it, 'cause I know I'm cute ooh, baby Louis down to my drawers LV all on my shoes ooh, baby I be dripping so much sauce Gotta been lookin’ like ragu Ohh, baby Lit"
  • Juice - Harry Styles
    "Mirror, mirror on the wall Don't say it, 'cause I know I'm cute ooh, baby Gucci down to my drawers LV all on my shoes ooh, baby I be dripping so much sauce Gotta been lookin’ like ragu Ohh, baby Lit"
  • Jay - Acel Bisa
    "His name is Jay The cool guy with a pony tail And he's on his way To the stage and as his band plays The songs that can make them laugh But sometimes it makes him sad His name is Jay And sometimes he walks"
  • Computerized (feat. Jay-Z) - Daft Punk
    "Computerized Computerized Computerized Everyone will be... computerized She says I'm cold Only time I'm comfortable kissing is sending X and Os I send a message back to dispute this fact, but this I"
  • Jay-Jay Johanson - Jay-Jay Johanson
    "Votre nom : Jay-Jay Johanson Sexe : Masculine Nationalit?: I am swedish Age : I'm twenty eight Votre taille : I'm sixt foot two Votre poids : Sixty two Signes particuliers : a lot of freckles Avez"

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