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Bogurodica Macedonia

    "I had a feeling that I wanna go loud Make my move and let it all get out I got a feeling that I wanna go wild Take my hand, Baby I got all night Take me now, you know I want you Hold me now, cause I can't"
  • Scythian Empires - Andrew Bird
    "Five day forecast bring black tar rains and hellfire while handpicked handler's kid gloves tear at the inseams their Halliburton attach cases are useless while scotch guard Macintoshes shall be carbonized now"
  • Hoplites Awaiting Command - Folkearth
    "Come wind, come snow, come blazing heat and bitter rain From Macedonia we march, from the northlands of Hellas To the mouths of Euphrates for to set His throne...we are the thunderbolts of Amon Zeus,"
  • Alexander The Great - Iron Maiden
    "(Harris) "My son ask for thyself another Kingdom, for that which I leave is too small for thee" (King Philip of Macedonia - 339 B.C.) Near to the east In a part of ancient Greece In an ancient land called"
  • That Way - Against All Authority
    "Here we go again good citizens Avert your eyes As the innocent collide Run and hide as the world sits and watches, hypnotized Another Belgrade sunset leaving town Another refugee Macedonia bound And the"
  • Lay Of The Last Tinker - Donovan
    "I can see by your eyes you're a good man, and the sparkle of the ring on your hand. You have a muzzled dancing monkey, a little cup in a hairy hand. (I'll) bring cheese with me. Won't you bring bread"
  • God's Alibi - Capercaillie
    "Spring in Macedonia The last clean pocket on a blood soaked coat In a state of claustrophobia Waiting for the rain to wash it all out Fear in their eyes, did the crucifix lie? Did the words of the church"
  • Jail Got Rocked - ApologetiX
    "Warden threw Paul and Silas down in jail The prisoners around 'em Thought their plans had failed It started somethin' when the boys began to sing It shook the earth a lot and Let the jailbirds spring In"
  • (Ode to Ancient) Europa - Ancient Rites
    "(from Gallia to Germania) I still hear the ancient warcry (Roma to Brittania) I still hear the ancient battlecry The great old European heroes, the proud old European names Like snow now melted for sunlight,"
  • Trinity - Common Market
    "Chorus: From the start of my heartbeat when art was deep in the fold To the time of my first rhyme when I was 12 years old I heard the voice of reason speakin' from the beacon of hope it said: I represent"
  • Ciernie (ft. Deys; prod. Risk Zero) - Quebonafide
    "Mieliśmy kwit, ale w oczy nam huragany Bez róży wiatrów ciężko byłoby się ruszyć z miejsca Wychowywany w domu rozbitym jak fura Diany Nauczyłem się tam, że synergia jest najważniejsza Poglądem odchodzę"
  • Spa day - Cinq G
    "ref:ej jou proszę panią, co pani gadajeśli coś masz do cinq g - spadajej jou proszę pana, co to za krzyk - ajeśli coś masz do cinq g - znikajzwr1:kto dziś rodzi podziw i realizuje snykto zmodyfikuje tutaj"
  • Spa Day - Cinq G.
    "ref: ej jou proszę panią, co pani gada jeśli coś masz do cinq g - spadaj ej jou proszę pana, co to za krzyk - a jeśli coś masz do cinq g - znikaj zwr1: kto dziś rodzi podziw i realizuje sny kto"
  • Normalny gość - 2sty
    "Jestem normalnym gościem Lubię walić się na pieska Jestem normalnym gościem Jestem normalny Jestem normalnym gościem Lubię walić się na pieska Jestem normalnym gościem Jestem normalny Nieopuszczona w"

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