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Built To Spill MadeUp Dreams

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Built To Spill MadeUp Dreams

  • Built To Spill - Built To Spill
    "built to spill you are pleased precariously temporarily filled you will spill until lower expectations momentarily chilled you will built to spill because at the time it seemed like an acceptable deal you"
  • You Were Right (Built To Spill Cover) - Finger Eleven
    "You were wrong when you said, Everything's gonna be alright. Yeah, you were wrong when you said, Everything's gonna be alright. You were right when you said, All that glitters isn't gold. You were right"
  • Spill - Foo Fighters
    "One of these Nights I'll shake you I will take you from my veins I'm gettin' tired of waiting It's time to empty me We can rip apart this bleeding heart, don't you wanna watch me spill? Bleed you out"
  • Spill - Stolen Babies
    "Do not! Do NOT spill the water when youre drinking it Through your mouth What happened here, nobody can say but it hasnt been the same Our lips are pressed to the ground Running with a cup Thrown off! An"
  • Spill - Showoff
    "Now it seems you wanna be the person that you used to be and everything it seems to me is just another thing called fate. That's exactly what you're making. Everyday you feel the same and everything gets"
  • Spill - Feeder
    "Push holes in the plastic Immaculate dolls in the hands of a child with a ratchet Two fingers too out of control The confusion shall leave us to vultures and preachers I hate it... Can't take it... I"
  • Spill - Undercover (US)
    "Brittle bones Try to find their way Fight the cloth Between the fingers Upon the canvas Watch the painter call his painting Call his trouble Under feet that can't stand still Under feet that can't stand"
  • Made-Up Dreams - Built To Spill
    "these thoughts are old let's keep it cold dry lines on me dry history dryology that stupid sound that awful feel don't bring them down and it never will no it never will no it never will no it never will"
  • It's My Mistake To Built These Dreams On The Sand - Southern Penguins
    "It's my mistake to built these dreams on the sand. And see me now right to your hand I'll hold your hand if you hold mine. And everything just sleep like sand. On my both hand. It's my mistake. But please,"
  • Built For Speed - American Hi-Fi
    "Shes on fire like a rocket spinning out of control Try to stop her but you just dontknow How to keep it inside Can you keep on turning out Ill wait for my turn Same old story coz you never learn Gotta"
  • Built for speed - American Hi Fi
    "She's on fire like a rocket spinning out of control Try to stop her but you just don?tknow How to keep it inside Can you keep on turning out I?ll wait for my turn Same old story coz you never learn Gotta"
  • Spill It - Magnapop
    "I tried making coffee I would spill it Raise my head to look around In the morning Trucks were beeping People screamed so loud I couldn't sleep And what they'd say They'd say to me That I would spill it And"
  • Poems Spill - Majandra Delfino
    "Why do I cry this much? Why do I fear that we can lose touch? Since it has happened before I fear it will happen so I'm reacting even more Usually this would be nothing But instead it's a detail of losing"
  • Spill me - Project 86
    "My back so full of scrapeswith the miles i've walked of wastefade and fall away againstnumb my hunger to tasteWhat's the basis for changeexcuses to feed my ego's ragecling to my comfort to clenchcontent"
  • Spill Throat - Acumen Nation
    "the time for lenience has passed a call to all beneath will sound i radio for back-up mallets and they crawl up from the undertow a machevelian portrait crashes a meteor of steam collides we will be searching"
  • Dreams - Isole
    "Relentless ground under my bare feet Quicksand to sharp rocks Fierce yet soft as I wish to be That's what this world demands The mirror uncovers my soul Naked and left out The world devour me instantly There"
  • Dreams - Zug Izland
    "(French, saying something about a carnival) Are you climbing up a slippery pole? (pole) Fallin Deep In A Hole? (Deep In A Hole) Fallin Down Are you lost in an exitless maze, Chasing impossible ways?"
  • Disappearing - Built To Spill
    "silence, silence fills my dreams with other beautiful things flowers, flowers fill my fields with life precious and real chorus: but what for? how can i need more than my heart can take? though there is"
  • Car - Built To Spill
    "you get the car I'll get the night off You'll get the chance to take the world apart and figure out how it works Don't let me know what you find out I need a car You need a guide Who needs a map If I don't"
  • Hazy - Built To Spill
    "hazy just because sometimes you make me crazy just because sometimes you let me know I don't maybe today will show me the something that will phase me something that will move me besides dreams it seems seems"

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