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By college a real hero

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By college a real hero

  • College - Lil Mama
    "Now that I think about it I was always takin away from my father Or he was always takin away from me It's probably why we so close now Ya kno We been starvin so long in these crazy ghetto streets And"
  • College Girl - Bobby Brown
    "Lady please tell me How you really feel Deep inside your heart I hope that it's for real I feel lonely do you wish that I was there? There right by your side showing you I care College Girl Wont you"
  • College - Pat Green
    "We were just young kids with a six pack That a bad fake ID bought. Sittin' on the living room couch hopin that we didn't get caught And when we did, my dad had some good avice for me He said Son, there's"
  • Break a bitch college - Eightball
    "Good morning, class This is your teacher, MJG Look at me as I write my name on the board Class, do you see my name? Do you understand my name? Well, listen Okay Class, today at Break-A-Bitch University"
  • Upgrade (A Brymar College Course) - Del The Funky Homosapien
    "Here at Brymar College We can get you prepared for the 31st century With advanced programming and quad rendering And Java plus plus plus scripting language We offer advanced job placement assistance So"
  • College Life - Django Walker
    "well my daddy always said son you'll have fun when your're drinkin' with your friends, and everyone takes for granted these are the best years of you life and you know high school sure seemed like a joke when"
  • College Girls - Brettell
    "We attend college every day, Sit and wait to start, 'We could of been late to Derek's class' We wait another min, for the girls, They then arrive to class at last. They come and sit in their classroom"
  • College Kids - Relient K
    "someone please save us, us college kids! what my parents told me is what i did they said go to school and be a college kid but in the end i question why i did i'm poor, i'm starving, i'm flat broke, i've"
  • Going Away To College - Feeling Left Out
    "Please take me by the hand It's so cold out tonight I'll put blankets on the bed I won't turn out the light Just don't forget to think about me And I won't forget you I'll write you once a week she said Why"
  • Going Away To College - Blink 182
    "Please take me by the hand Its so cold out tonight Ill put blankets on the bed I wont turn out the light Just dont forget to think about me And I wont forget you Ill write you once a week she said Why"
  • Slow Jamz (College Dropout Remix) - Kanye West
    "(j.foxx) kanye is fox man im jus sayin yo i was talkin 2 a girls u no n we dnt put enough emphersis on the ladies sumtimes u no i was talkin 2 this girl she was talkin how the music all fast in the club"
  • Old College Avenue - Harry Chapin
    "Old College Avenue by Harry Chapin Of course I picked a rainy night To try to find our past The street lights all were flickering The leaves were falling fast I walked down the winding road Looked up through"
  • Real Hero - Michał Szpak
    "Live, what a beautiful feeling When your time has only just begun But one day you’ll see oldies Still in big game And than you become real man A family guy Straight from the … Tells you how to live But"
  • Real - The Verve Pipe
    "My sister had a nursery rhyme Set of figurines She'd often let me play with them I'd set 'em up in different scenes Fifty plastic army men, led by superman Destroyed the ranks of mother goose mary and"
  • Real - Jo Davidson
    "music and lyrics by jo davidson a crowded room some shallow club in L.A. trying to talk over the music like there's anything to say he turns to me and says "people are more real In New York." "Oh"
  • Real - Dj Krush
    "(feat. Tragedy) Niggaz don't you know? Never promised tomorrow man Check it, check it *the next life* Life life (yeah) right now for what it is before you lose that shit For real man, shit can happen in"
  • Real - Gunna
    "(Jai Beats on the track, boy) (Young Producers) I asked my ex why she lied to me She told me, "Unfoonk, why you play me?" I told that bitch please stop lyin' Hey, check the Rollie, bitch, it's my time It's"
  • I Love College - Asher Roth
    "(intro) I'm nice right now I, I feel good If you have a drink Would you please put it in the air (chorus) That party last night was awfully crazy I wish we taped it I danced my ass off and had this one"
  • Ivy league college - J Church
    "You should have known when you met him at the party, He was the kind of guy that would have an extra copy, Of 'The Hundredth Monkey' sitting so prominently, On his bookshelf made of milkcrates, Made of"
  • Break A Bitch College - 8-Ball & MJG
    "One nigga found dead in the bayou That's the beginning of this story that I'm telling you I was in the 9 tre smokin' a spliff on the strip Seen a little cutie with some bootie..stop to shoot the shit"

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