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Can't Remember to forget You

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Can't Remember to forget You

  • Can't remember to forget you - Sandy
    "My visions out of focus what have I done Trying to escape but don't knwo what I'm running from The picture is fading black as you hit the ground I know that I'm screaming, why is there no sound Can't remeber"
  • Remember To Forget - Shane Mack
    "Remember how you used to hold me? And I remember every taste of every last sweet kiss And the expression when you told me I'm sorry baby but some things just turn out like this Well, it's been 3 Decembers And"
  • Forget To Remember - Frank Sinatra
    "(T.Randazzo, V.Pike) Pretend there is no silence, alone in your apartment Don't notice things that once were hers, Ignore the endless hours Don't chase the dream that your hearts were after, children's"
  • Forget To Remember - Mudvayne
    "What have I done? Where have I come from? When I burnt the backs with the sun through a glass did I seal the loss that's become me? Feeling undone What have I become? When I turned my back on you"
  • Remember To Forget - Arcwelder
    "(music/words w. graber & s. macdonald) Believe the unbelievable - feel what it's like Thinking the unthinkable - feel what is life I'm doing the impossible - remember to forget Deny the undeniable - I"
  • Can't Remember To Forget You (ft. Rihanna) - Shakira
    ": I left a note on my bed­post Said not to repeat yesterday’s mista­kes What I tend to do when it comes to you I see only the good, selec­tive memory The way you make me feel yeah You got a hold on me I’ve"
  • Can't Forget - Roy Orbison
    "Am i blue since you said forget Forget that we ever met It's too late, oh too late Can't forget This crazy thing was just a fling But oh, i can't forget Don't want it to end Can't forget Can't"
  • Can't Forget - Number One Fan
    "I know I change my mind all the time, But this one's gonna stick for a while... You wanted everything right, I wanted everything wrong, That way I could walk away from the mess Cos you don't impress me"
  • Don't Forget To Remember - Elton John
    "Though my heart won't believe that you have left me I keep telling myself that it's true I can get over anything You are my love But I can't get myself over you Don't forget to remember me And the love"
  • Don't Forget To Remember - Bee Gees
    "Oh my heart won't believe that you have left me I keep telling my self that it's true I can get over anything you want my love But I can't get myself over you Don't forget to remember me And the love"
  • Don't Forget To Remember - Piper Billie
    "W.Page/J.Marr What goes on in your mind Don't say I'm the jealous kind Think of all the promises we made now You might find another girl Living in your different world Hoping that your memory won't fade"
  • Don't Forget To Remember - Billie
    "I saw you jump up You and your friends, baby And I heard you say they're playing a jam (there's a jam right here baby) so waving your hand from side to side, sugar hear you're claiming you're a certified"
  • Can't Remember to Forget You (ft. Rihanna) PARODY! - Shakira
    "I sing like a goat The frog in my throat He lived there for years And he make me sing this way I set up a bad Down by the steps So when I run down stairs I don’t crash and smash my head I really have to"
  • Forget - Typecast
    "i remember, how could i forget unpredictable, but no regrets i'm drowning in endless waters, your hand is out there somewhere i guess its time to say goodbye, please no more lies i had enough, wasted time,"
  • Remember To Forget - Play
    "No oh, remember to forget you No oh, remember to forget you No oh, remember to forget you Sometimes I really really miss you And when I really really start to I stop myself from doing Something"
  • Remember to forget - 2 Play
    "No oh, remember to forget youNo oh, remember to forget youNo oh, remember to forget youSometimes i really really miss youAnd when i really really start toI stop myself from doingSomething that i might"
  • Remember To Forget - Passenger
    "Well, i am an over thinker A daydreamer A heavy drinker An inbertweener Propping up the bar Like it’s gonna fall down Ai am a shit talker A bad joker A Johnnie Walker A chani smoker Everyone know it all"
  • Forget To Forget - Billy Crawford
    "Oohhh.... I can't keep dreamin' With all the pain I'm feelin' All I know it that you're gone Why is it taking me so long ? How can I move on, without your love I'm long gone Turn back the hands of time Back"
  • FORGET - Marina And The Diamonds
    "Sometimes I think I’m not that strong But there’s a force that carries me on Sick of my small heart, made of steel Sick of the wounds that never heal Cause I have lived my life in debt I’ve spent my days"
  • Remember What I Told You To Forget - Tavares
    "Hello Baby I betcha never thought I would call Well my heart just went in with this dime And I only get three minutes time Hear me out now I wanna to make it as clear as I can There's so much that I want"

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