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Carla s dreams

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Carla s dreams

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Carla s dreams
  • Miguel Bose Carla
    "Carla me sonrie y me re regala con solo una mirada un momento de luz Carla juega con su rizo pinta un paraso donde quieras tu y fantasea con cielos de colores me mil sabores con calles de imaginación,millones"
  • Sicko Me And Carl
    "Yesterday, I tried to complicate my life, I said, I thought that you'd make a pretty wife, and then dreams, of an intergalactic guy, pointed, my thoughts to the sky And now, Carl Sagan's on my mind, Oh"
  • Ricky Nelson Carl Of The Jungle
    "A man went to Africa to meet with the primitive The man was very brave and not afraid Didn't come there to enslave anyone And it scared him, and though it sacred him His intuition told him he'd better"
  • Wesley Willis Carla Winterbottom
    "I love you You are my friend You are my sweetheart You are my lover I love you like a stick of butter CHORUS Carla Winterbottom Carla Winterbottom Carla Winterbottom Carla Winterbottom You are so beautiful You"
  • Smolik feat. Sofa S.Dreams
    "It's crazy. Dreams amaze me. Strange dreams, love dreams, hate dreams. don't wanna know when I'm awake. /x3/ once in my dream I felt exactly like I was him and feeling was strangely familiar one of those"
  • Ali Project S?????????
    "{{Translation||Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== nemureru mokuba ni matagari mukau no wa tsukiyo ni moehateta akai haikyo no FEARIIRANDO maigo no watashi wo tasuke ni mairimashou ima nara nobaseru kono"
  • Ulrich Roski S
    "Ich bin enttuscht von allen Frauen dieser Welt Weil man immer wieder auf die Schnauze fllt Damit ist Schluss! Ich lege nur noch Wert auf Nahrung und Genuss Mittel zum Zweck sind dabei aber fr mich Nicht"
  • P. Diddy Can't Believe (feat. Faith Evans, Carl Thomas)
    "Uh, oh, oh yeah Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh yeah (Emotional) I always dreamed that everything would be okay With me and you, but I was wrong When I looked into your eyes I didn't see all the things I used to see What's"
  • Tiger Army Santa Carla Twilight
    "Watch the moonrise tonight The ocean looms past bonfires alight I am a stranger in this place And when I see you, I can't turn away Under this beach lie pirate bones We stand above them, at long last"
  • Savage Garden Dro Loving Carla
    "it's great when were together and play beautiful you really are one of a kind everybody usually ends up breaking up tearing and throwing everything they had to say but you are the best thing ever hottie"
  • Nana Mouskouri Yesterday's Dreams
    "Yesterday' s dreams Like birds in the winter Have gathered together And flown to the sun Yesterday' s promises Like shells in the ocean All shattered and broken Like yesterday' s dreams You are my harbour My"
  • Ten Wildest dreams
    "In the middle of the night I dreamOf a lover I could never leaveShes conceptual designMore woman than Ive ever seenOn the page of any magazine, in my dreams shes alive(take your time girl) in my mind girl(tantalize"
  • Edenbrigde Perennial Dreams
    "how could i ever see this blueprint of reality spoiling for a fight i left no stone unturned for ever and one day the gale force in my heart will stay and i don`t care a straw about the lessons learned "
  • Fat Pat Ghetto Dreams
    "Ghetto dreams baby That's what we talking bout.. (Hook) Ghetto dreams, diamond rings Money hoes and clothes and all those, fancy things (Fat Pat) Money hoes, fancy clothes Heavy in the game, so I'm hot"
  • Nas Street Dreams
    "Uhh, what, what, uhh.. Chorus: Nas (set to Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams") Street dreams are made of these Niggaz push Beemers and 300 E's A drug dealer's destiny is reachin a key Everybody's lookin for somethin.. Street"
  • G-Unit Cocaine Dreams
    "Yeah G-Unit Nigga 50 Cent You Heard Me Irv I don't believe you let that nigga talk You fat cupcake eatin' mothafucka I'll fuck you up nigga Fuckin' punk ass nigga Don't nobody respect you nigga You Preme's"
  • Mr. President Olympic Dreams
    "JoJo c'est la vie (2x) His name is JoJo He's sexy talking - hip hip hip And JoJo go-go He's funky walking - tip tip tip He's sweet as honey can be A coconut tree I feel lazy crazy When JoJo's acting Selecting"
  • Scrubs Gonna Miss You, Carla
    "Ted: So Carla, when will you be back? Carla: Not for a year Ted's Band: A Year?!? Carla: Not for one long, long year Ted's Band: Mmmmm, Mmmmm We understand you love that kid, but this ain't no way"
  • Otis Redding Ooh Carla, Ooh Otis
    "Ooh, CarlaI love you, baby Ooh, CarlaI love you, little girl Ooh, Otiskeep saying you love me Youre so sweet to meyoure my everything Youre my cake and ice creamhoney, you remain the same Dimples in your"
  • Dolores O'Riordan Dreaming My Dreams
    "All the things you said to me today Changed my perspective in every way These things count to mean so much to me Into my faith you And your baby It s out there If you want me I'll be there It's out there I'll"

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