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Cash Cash

  • Cash Cash - Cash Cash
    "Theres a girl inside tonight Cause shes got nowhere to go And her loves are running wild Oh her loves are running wild yeah yeah yeah yeah Theres a girl inside tonight Cause shes got nowhere to go"
  • Cash - Peter Baumann
    "Chorus: When you have cash in the pocket You are the king When you have cash in the pocket You get the girls When you have cash in the pocket You get your way You need cash To fix your car To make a deal To"
  • Cash - Sugar Ray
    "Cash, I need some fucking cash I need it kind of fast I need it now right away right away cash, gonna make it last don't tell me about the past I need it now right away right away I need some fucking cash"
  • Cash - The Blow Monkeys
    "Why? Why? I met a girl Well I'm not in love With her Oh! Woo-hoo Come on Hit me! Oh no Doo-doo-doo Oh yeah Slamming with my baby I'm not sure if it's just hazy Or sublime Sublime Slamming with my sunshine I'm"
  • Cash - Vic Chesnutt
    "Do your math!Eat your clams!I always hated the L.A. Rams.Climb up on the roof, As a shadow wanders across your room. Wishing you was Roseanne Cash and I was Roger Crowell.Groom your trees, groom your"
  • Cash - Big Moe
    "(Chorus: Noke D) I'm talking cash, nigga Gripping grain, swanging lanes We talking cash, nigga Candy paint on all them Range We talking cash, nigga Don't try to stop my shine We talking cash, nigga Cause"
  • Cash - Big Pokey
    "(*talking*) Yeah (yeah), H-A-dub-K (H-A-dub-K) The Hardest Pit in the Litter, they been waiting on this here Broke niggaz, get somewhere, cash rules Everything around us, understand me, what Cash rules"
  • Cash - Patti Smith
    "(Smith/Ray) Here we go around again Curve of life spiraling Everything we've ever known As the seed of life gets blown And the miracle of time When will that time just end Remember, you decide Take that"
  • Cash - Red Car Wire
    "She said, she likes Waking up closer rather than apart But her heart's in California, Her heart's in California And she can't wait to wake up In the city, in the summer By the ocean near the coastline So"
  • Dirty Cash - Liberty X
    "(Oh, oh, oh, oh) (Oh, oh, oh, oh) I've no excuse I just want you to use me (Use me) Take me and abuse me I got no taboos I'll make a trade with you (With you) I'll do anything you want me to Money talks (You"
  • Cash money - Dr. Alban
    "You are welcome to pay in Dollar nor Pounds Deutsch Mark, Swedish Crowns Cash money Cash money is he root of all evil With cash money you can get anywhere you want You are welcome to pay in Dollar nor"
  • Cash Money - Mc Solaar
    "C'est pour les ladies C'est pour les mecs C'est pour les ladies et les mecs Du cash-money Une voiture rouge Donne-moi tout a sinon faut qu'tu bouges Pointure 37, je veux des Prada Ne joue pas le radin,"
  • Your Cash - Vitamin C
    "I know how to heal I know what to buy And what to conceil I know when to talk I know when to touch No one ever died From wanting too much Your cash is not enough But it is such a perfect thing to start,"
  • Cash Cow - Mike Doughty
    "Refreshing bills To warm the slots in the till Infernal wheel That churns the ocean of milk That long wire is frayed Don't shout out proudly that the cash cow's lame That proud call is wrong Don't scoot"
  • Dirty Cash - Dizzee Rascal
    "Money talks, listen, money talks (get money) Dirty cash I want you, dirty cash I need you Money talks, money talks Dirty cash I want you, dirty cash I need you Everybody wants to be famous, Nobody wants"
  • Dirty Cash - Big Bang
    "Noonddeumyeon mwoga don dwelkka meori ddo goolliji Dirtdy Cash e baeboreun ni jumeoni Jebal jom jakjakhae dok kateun dirty money Bumo hyeongjewa chingumajeodo beoringeoni Hakkyo-eseon hayan maeumdaeshin"
  • The Cash - Cocoa Brovaz
    "(Hook: (Steele) (Tek)) We control the nut (who's comin in?) What they comin wit? (what they movin in?) Who's movin in? (when can I expect my payment) Refuse and choose to brave men (yo grave will be under"
  • Piu' Cash - Amir
    "Il mio microfono pesa piu' de me il mio nome e' Amir se vuoi puoi chiamarmi il re sono un rap veterano ma non conto piu' de te perche' gia' me l'ascoltavo prima del novantatre oh sono il fat roma presidente"
  • Cash Cow - We Are Scientists
    "Well I've been taking my time Slow goings nothing new to me I've been taking my time Slide up, just drop everything I'm falling outta my car I'm not sure what I'm doing here So now wherever we are I'm"
  • Cash Box - Dziewczyny
    "Do you wanna be my cash box? Do you wanna be my boy? What I got for you is hard knocks. Wanna see what you're worth Stand still - now let me see you move it, put your feet up, shake your hands and bend. Gotta"

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