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Chocolate Frogs

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Chocolate Frogs

  • Frogs - Comecon
    "Frogs croak, frogs croak for all From the dark grass outside, you can hear them call Satan is laughing, he is laughing at us all Look at the toiling little man, and then he's destroyed for no reason at"
  • Frogs - The Flaming Lips
    "There you are Infected with the water strain Wash your car Fish and FROGS come screaming down like rain There you are Wash your hands and wash your face Water's gone It's vaporized and gone to outer"
  • Frogs - Failure
    "Sent away to have my head checked No more playing in the sand Frogs are leaping off my brainstem They don't seem to understand Roadside blurs against a big bus Face is slouched against the glass I am"
  • Frogs - Alice In Chains
    "What does friend mean to you? a word so wrongfully abused are you like me, confused all included but you alone... the sounds of silence often soothe shapes and colors shift with mood pupils widen and change"
  • Chocolate - Marisa Monte
    "Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate Eu só quero chocolate.... Só quero chocolate No adianta vir com guaran pra mim chocolate que eu quero beber No quero pó, no quero rap No quero cocana Me liguei no chocolate Eu"
  • Chocolate - Tim Maia
    "Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Eu só quero chocolate Só quero chocolate No adianta vir com guaran Pr mim chocolate O que eu quero beber...(2x) No quero ch No quero caf No quero coca-cola Me liguei"
  • Chocolate - Lisahall
    ""Breathe deeply. Caress me with your, breath. All my love, for you, melts, like chocolate. Soft and sticky, sweet. Naked, in the deepest respect. All my love, I feel, melts like chocolate. Melts like.. Chocolateeeeee.... (all"
  • Chocolate - Soul Control
    "Uh Everybody in the world like chocolate Mmmh we love it oh it makes so happy yeah get so sexy Un dos un dos tres Mama she said rolly rolly , papa he said holly molly everybody want a chocolate all the"
  • Chocolate - Shanice Wilson
    "I remember when I was a little girl A Hershey's kiss was my favorite thing in the world When I was lost I would always turn to something sweet A candy bar would always satisfy me instantly You're my... Chocolate"
  • Chocolate - The Time
    "(lead vocals by Prince) Aaargh! Ugh, too funky. Ugh. Every time we're out on a date. I want to love you, you make me wait. You went and told me I look like a pimp. But honey, I noticed you waited 'til"
  • Chocolate - James Blunt
    "I was with this girl In my bedroom She was eating such wild chocolate Didn't leave me much shared room Its name I couldn't see But she gave it to me I lost my head I started singing Only the crumbliest"
  • Chocolate - Buck-Tick
    "Ah give me chocolate Soto no sekai wa kyouki ranbu da kyoufu no door no mae de Te o kaketa te ga furueteiru warau koe ga hibiku Jibun no karada hisshi ni daita fukitondeshimawanu you Kiretsu ga hashiru"
  • Chocolate - Gus And Frank
    "I like movies where the hero dies and the bad guy gets away And i like parties where the music is crap and there's always lots of chocolate wooooh....Got a smile in my pocket And i'll take it out tonight Cause"
  • Chocolate - Difuntos Correa
    "Chocolate Juego en el fuego Escucho tu voz Mi nombre en tu piel Djame encerrarte No puedo dejar de tener Chocolate Dejame sofocarte Mentir y dejarse caer No es encontrarse Es divino el sabor, Adivina"
  • Chocolate - Maluma
    "Tu mi me gustas mas que el chocolate Haces que me arrebate como in homeroin sin bate Es que me gustas mas que el chocolate Haces que me arrebate como in homeroin sin bate, bate, bate Hola, se que esta"
  • Chocolate - the Getaway People
    "Like a bittersweet pill, the kind that gives you a thrill And then it lets you down, keeps you hanging on She's playing with my mind, there ain't nothing left to find 'Cause my judgment and my senses have"
  • Chocolate - Gus Gus
    "My sweetheart, my chocolate, mocholate. I've got the world to hold me up, 'cause I'm under the influence of love, babe. You know, last thing I would do in this world is hurt your feelings. As God is my"
  • Chocolate - LAB
    "You're sweeter than the sweets you brought I melt like chocolateon your palmYou're as sweet as you're touchingYou're everything I'm seeingMy every thought is all about you You're everything I fear: you're"
  • Chocolate - Kylie Minogue
    "Fragile seams I opened my too quick and all my dreams Were walking out I'd slowly Lost my fire With every single man a river cried I had no sensation Completely numb, left with no satisfaction I thought"
  • Chocolate - The 1975
    "Hey now call it a split 'cause you know that you will Oh you bite your friend like chocolate You say, we'll go where nobody knows, with guns hidden under our petticoats No we're never gonna quit it, no"

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