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Comodo I Just

  • Just 5 - Just 5
    "Hej! Jesteście gotowi!Już za chwilę JUST 5Lalarilalila! Równy szyk! Wszyscy razem! Odjazd!Lalarilalila! Równy szyk! Cała Piątka! Power!Lalarilalila! Musicie zostać z namiLalarilalila! Jesteśmy! Dla was"
  • Just Go - Just Off Turner
    "Wave goodbye I don't need to wave goodbye I don't need to tell you why I don't want you no more Oh, you see this face It's the last time you'll see this face All you'll see is the empty space Next to"
  • Just - Jamie Scott
    "Sometimes I feel life's done me wrong Embraced a man without a heart Why do I feel like im running round Scared cos my feet just wont touch the ground What do I pray for at night A chance to feel what"
  • Just - Coma
    "i won't tell you mother I won't tell you sister i won't tell you all because i won't tell you father I won't tell you brother i won't tell you only friend cause I'm falling again again and again I'm falling"
  • Just - Mudvayne
    "Just a few seconds away from everyone From everything Just a few seconds away A second of your time and an inch of my own space Silence Quiet Need a little peace of mind After all this After all"
  • Just - Henry Ate
    "Lately I've been thinking what if I was wrong And the world never meant you and I to belong We'd have wasted so much time building castles in the sky Only to watch them all fall down Would it be all of"
  • Just Rhymin Wit Kane - Just Ice
    "(Just Ice) Just Ice The immortal Come on As we move (DJ Premier scratches) "The flow pro poetical with skills only a vet'll know" (Just Ice) Just Ice international (DJ Premier Scratches) "Me and my"
  • Riot To Remember - Fei Comodo
    "We all take one look, And make up our minds. If left much longer, He'll slowly die (die) I said to you, Not to push it too far. Look at what you've done, Now. Run or hide, It's the only chance of survival. Cries"
  • I Just Wanna... - Riot 99
    "I can tell that you're wary I don't know what for I know what ails ya baby and I got the cure I just wanna I just wanna suck your cunt Tastes real good, oh oh yeah Just like I always knew it would I,I,I"
  • I Just Wanna - Cam'ron
    "(feat. Juelz Santana) Killa, What we want uh I want ya'll to get the fuck off my dick for a minute ya know, Dip set, freaky, jones, santana, uh Harlem Yo, Yo, Ayo I just wanna come through ice"
  • I Just Wanna - Cam'Ron ft. Juelz Santana
    "Killa, What we want uh I want ya'll to get the fuck off my dick for a minute ya know, Dip set, freaky, jones, santana, uh Harlem Yo, Yo, Ayo I just wanna come through ice in the crown I just want the"
  • I Just Wanna - Brave Combo
    "I just wanna I don't wanna hold your hand I just wanna And you've got to understand Don't take me out to the dine and dance When all the feeling is in my pants Love's outa luck I just wanna... I just"
  • I Just Died - Amerie
    "Staring in the mirror as I Start to carefully contemplate Just really how deep is this thing I have for you It's wearing on my heart And from the start you know I tried, steadily denied Friendship turn"
  • I Just Wish - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 ...I remember every laugh I remember everyday you were with me I remember like yesterday. you always. had. and will love me I'll never forget I remember everytime you were there when I needed"
  • I Just Wanna - Kiss
    "I got a body built for sin and an appetite for passion Yeah I can see the road to ruin and I'm lookin' for some action I got my finger on the trigger and a match to the fuse I'll make someone an offer"
  • I Just Live - Demis Roussos
    "I just live every minute and I just love and I love to live, oo-hoo and I love to love, let me tell you now. I just live every minute and I just love and I love to live, oo-hoo and I love to love. I was"
  • I Just Do - Steve Wariner
    "Everybody say's that I'm a fool For the way that I love you But it just happened I don't have a choice I can't help it I just do. Chorus: You can't stop the rain from falling down Or make the sunshine"
  • Just like i - Jasmine Guy
    "You are just like I you can't take'all the anger...through everyoneyour soul I believe is stronger' then I ever thoughmy smile is strong enough to stay open foreverthe same oh yeah and never can changeI"
  • I Just Do - Dear And The Headlights
    "Oh, so the words have all been said The feeling's old, but it's new to me, I guess I'm scared to death, but Oh! I just love you Oh! I just love you I'm telling my friends, "I gotta go" That I need rest,"
  • I just know - Disciple
    "I just know Jesus is the way I just know Jesus is the truth I just know Jesus is the life I just know Jesus is my Godwhat makes you different from one another why do you argue about who you follow there"

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