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Craft Spells

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Craft Spells

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Craft Spells
  • Keziah Jones African Space Craft
    "Class programme for the African Anarchist 14 carats he pleaded Yeah, just let me take the grain like a criminal should Burdens? As in work-horse? God works in mysterious ways but never as a coolie Never"
  • Theatres des Vampires Carpatian spells
    "When the horizon will be red blood wherver he is or goesI will be with you you walk the path of seven black candlesVision of black might...dream of realitywhispers od ancient spirit in the forest...forever"
  • AFI Fainting Spells
    "Give me this, Before I slip Before I sink. Because I think, I think I may have found The short way down. Just give me something cold and clear The love spent here. As I had feared Means nothing dear, I"
  • Bad Brains Soul Craft
    " And Creation!!! Life and creation Some a dem a come Gonna have fe run No thrills dem gonna have to pay Peaceful direction in this unity Strap on survival kit no drugs inside of you Fly"
  • Twelfth Night The Craft
    "Crystal breath on infant lips Clear eyes see worlds that don't exist Sparkle 'why',--and curiosity Watch the child become a man-- Who will live again, inside you One day he will live again The craft, the"
  • Blackalicious The Craft
    "This Craft, this beat, this rhyme, this vibe This style, they say music gives new life From a source inside that is forever flowin' This stage, this mic, this crowd, this show This life, I've been given"
  • ZBUKU Main Craft
    "nigdy nie grywałem w fifę i pierd Main Crafta moi ludzi są jak jak moja gadka rap 27-latka bawię sie jak w Mielnie a jak spytam twoją dupę o te majtki, to je zdejmie na rezerwie żyć sie nie wyświetla chyba"
  • Banks Tony Man Of Spells
    "Banks Tony Fugitive Man Of Spells In shadowy holes, the light disappears, Evening is with us now, And all around begins the movement, The many creatures of the night prepare. Undisturbed by the sound,"
  • Absu Ye Uttuku Spells
    "ANNIHILATE - the seeds of real ABANDON - the standard dimension feel ASSIMILATE - the logic of chaos ABSU - Balance the serpent At nightfall, burgundy eyes arise Beginning of the cosmic dances Surrealistic,"
  • Darkseed Craft her spell
    "Enchanting mights overhelming me with skin pale as fiery snow and eyes dark as night... My growing heart-bleeding... I craft her spell A rising fountains of lust One more staring glance and my favour will"
  • Pure Reason Revolution The Intention Craft
    "The night is blue; clouds in the skies And I can't explain the night shine through closed eyes I see through the walls behind I see the same; the feelings mask the skies A million bright in her heart,"
  • Mandragora Scream The Time of Spells
    "There was a time where only spells goin' through my enchanted life you touch and come where I saw and see Deepen inside my wishes' well I look for you babe all around tell me if you're ready to be all...mine You'll"
  • Charmed Spells From Season One
    "1.1 - Something Wicca This Way Comes TO GAIN POWERS Hear now the words of the witches The secrets we hid in the night The oldest of gods are invoked here The great work of magic is sought In this"
  • Enthroned Spells From The Underworlds
    "Across the desolated fields where only death prevails, there in a distant world where the moonlight is eternal, darkness descends on our wizards tombs, bringers of pain. My shadow is speakin' the hatred"
  • Wondermints Chris-Craft No. 10
    "(D. Sahanaja) I launch the aqua vessel your way You're so electric swimming by I much prefer the work before play But pressure fills the confine The pressure builds upon my Chris-Craft, I'm on"
  • Kate Bush The Craft Of Life
    "I tried to study it for just a while: All of the potions, from oysters to seducing smiles. But I've found it's already inside me: A big round bubble of sensuality, Dared to be burst, But worried about"
  • Inkubus Sukkubus Craft of the wise
    "Across a thousand nationsAnd forty-thousand yearsThe teachers and the healersWe are the Craft of the WiseThe Old World and the New WorldRemember the nature peopleWe who were persecutedAnd we shall be rebornAnd"
  • Klaatu Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft
    "'''Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft''' (The Recognized Anthem of World Contact Day) In your mind you have capacities, you know To telepath messages through the vast unknown Please close your"
  • Tom Waits What Became Of Old Father Craft
    "Now he's an altar boy, bound up in leather and chains What became of old Father Craft I'll never forget the Sunday he left And gave me something special in the rectory He's an altar boy Corrected me in"
  • Kotoko IMAGE CRAFT Music Selection - Song For Eternity (2003)
    "==Romanized Japanese== yume wo noseta shoroi tsubasa kaze wo haramu kono daichi kara haruka tooku e yu ma takaku takaku tobitatsu yo kakedasu kodou tsuma zuita hiza no kizu mo itsuka wa kiete umaku"

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