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Dada Life born to Rage

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Dada Life born to Rage

  • Born To Rage - Dada Life
    "(kawałek instrumentalny)"
  • DaDa - Blue Cafe
    "Chyba już zapomniałam, albo przynajmniej raz próbowałam. Skąd mogłam wiedzieć, że się nie liczy, to jak patrzymy na siebie w ciszy? Skąd mogłam wiedzieć, że mnie oszukasz? Miało być pięknie, teraz i tutaj. Zamknięte"
  • Reggae Fi Dada - Linton Kwesi Johnson
    "galang dada galang gwwaan yaw sah yu nevvah ad noh life fi live jus di wan life fi give yu did yu time pan ert yu nevvah get yu jus dizert galang goh smile inna di sun galang goh satta inna di palace af"
  • Rage - Savatage
    "I've been pushed out, but I'm back up on my feet, I've been turned down by every girl I meet I've done my sentence, I'm the one going insane Learn to live my life ________ I know, child, how to play the"
  • Rage - Erasure
    "(feat. Lene Lovich) Lets face the music - I think that its time. Whats the use, when the future looks so unkind. Life and death - the choice we make. Revolution - the line in my mind takes. Win or lose,"
  • Rage - John Kay
    "Words and music by John Kay, Rocket Ritchotte and Michael Wilk Runnin' wild, trouble round the corner The story of your life You got your bruises livin' in the battle zone And now you're flyin' blind Searching"
  • Rage - Julia Volkova
    "I feel it in my bones You've never see me lose Losing my control like this before I've taken all I can You never understand I won't let you steal my life anymore I'm taking it back It's about time Sooner"
  • Rags - The Waterboys
    "Everything is rags And there's nobody to blame but me And it would be so easy If there was no one to hurt but me But now everything that I do Coming out of me will just tear through you In and out of you Up"
  • Rags - Mike Scott
    "Everything is rags And there's nobody to blame but me And it would be so easy If there was no one to hurt but me But now everything that I do Coming out of me will just tear through you In and out of you Up"
  • Born Blind - Born Blind
    "Fear consumed me, hatred in my eyes, Why? Because of the world we live in and the absence of God. My wretched life was full of so much strife, until met the one, there is love in the Son. I was brought"
  • Born - D'espairs Ray
    "Why... Life... fukai na koe to nozomi moshinai fujiyuu ni tsunagarete Why... Die... yami ga nomikomi kankaku wo sutete shimaeba mitasareru Ikiru imi sae mo wasurerarenu kutsujoku no hibi mo keshite"
  • Rage to riches - Trick Daddy
    "Until the day a nigga D-I-E- I'll be forever thuggin baby Ever since I fucking These bitches loved it baby Still got the chron son I used to be drug dealer X-men, Ex-con, forever thug nigga Around here"
  • Born Again - We're About 9
    "In my other life I was a five dollar an hour parking spot In an overdone main street So cut me some slack 'Cause my customers all drove Shiny little red things and avoided eye contact And I always said That"
  • Road Rage - Da Vinci's Notebook
    "(spoken)Yeah brother Hear me now Mmm mmm mmm yeah That's right uh! Yeah. Let me tell you a story about my life. Hey you get off of my back If you try to cut in I ain't given slack you know Don't try"
  • Coma Rage - Viper
    "Coma rage gonna rise everyday Restless I wait for my time to come To break them all no problem That's my life If you are against you're gonna die Big mistake for you Having no respect for me Now I can"
  • Saturday's Rage - Remedy
    "(Anderson/Jordan) You can't change the wild boys You gotta let 'em run You can't cage a tiger Or tie an eagle down You can't tame the wild boys You just get out their way You can't turn back the tide Or"
  • Holy Rage - Face Down
    "Preacher man, judging you again Telling you about your sins He made himself god to say Sinful life is not the way Follow christ the lord of flies In holy wars where people still die So as god fills your"
  • Trashing Rage - Voivod
    "I'm in a nightmare and it's Gonna burn tonight I don't want to stop There is something strange in me Losing all control if you Don't want to stop Searching the way where I Can get the force This is the"
  • Merciless Rage - Liar Of Golgotha
    "I now have seen all the horrors of mankind, and I let my emotions feed on them, absorb their gloomy powers, extracting the essence of the pureness and beauty of these actions. They stimulated me in exploring"
  • Rage & Anger - Gentleman
    "what is the reason for your rage and anger fear and doubt you a generate that a somethin you fi put asunder life goes on and you got no time to wait you came into the world so clean and pure opportunities"

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