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Dancing in the sky keith sousa

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Dancing in the sky keith sousa

  • Keith - Mark Olson
    "I found a coin in the dirt Sisters in times of sorrow Sisters in times of joy What happens now is yours Uncles will shake themselves Then they'll go back to ploughing Under the willow tree right where"
  • Keith - Discount
    "I read in the paper that another man made a difference today. column thirteen explained the reasons they had to put him away. but i can't stand here staring all i want in dismas.Tomorrow's paper, the same"
  • Keith Turbo - Kool Keith
    "New York City! (Keith Turbo) You're listening to the number one The one and only (Keith Turbo) Keith (Keith Turbo) Turbo Pontiac, GTO That's right, we do it like that Keith Turbo, the new man Here we"
  • Me & Keith - Verbena
    "Where is it? (spoken)its the only cluewhen youre sad and throughwhere you ? like you know your faithon the coldest of dayscause i need it toolike some kind of foolits the song ?on this green room ?boys"
  • Keith reid - Gary Brooker
    "There was no more fear of flying Once the final word were spoke There was no more tears of crying It had all become a joke Though they took a vow of silence Still the rumours quickly spread There was no"
  • Keith N Bumpy - Kool Keith
    "(feat. 'Bumpy') See.. you play around too fuckin much (How many people you got hurt?) You ain't learned your lesson yet (You ain't learned your fuckin lesson) You still playin and fuckin around That's"
  • Dancing in the sky PO POLSKU - OLIVIA FOK
    "powiedz mi jak to jest u góry w niebie czy jest spokój czy czas jzu masz dla siebie i czy słońce swieci jasno jzu na wieki i czy leki razem z bóle juz zniknęły? bo cały świta nasz zmienił się odkąd nie"
  • Keith and Quentin - The Jayhawks
    "Quentin taught me how to fish And how to hold the gun Said that what you're hunting down Is everything you love Folks run fast, so does life And thats the way it seems Candles burn down to the table Keith"
  • Song For Keith - Ryan Adams
    "Sitting round thinking bout Keith all day long Getting stoned thinking bout how he played the guitar Ain't nothing like getting stoned to The Rolling Stones Can't find my copy of Goats Head Soup Think"
  • Not For Keith - Peter Hammill
    "In Germany, his days finally caught him; I won't insult his memory with long-distance grief. Tears and wakes weren't his style: not him, not for Keith. He'd have laughed in my face if he saw it get mournful, he'd"
  • Keith 'n Me - Princess Superstar
    "(Keith's rhyme) Baby, can you feel my love? I got my shorts on- And I'm taking them off Now when I saw your face I'm a believer Hey what you got the keys to my Beamer A keeper get the fever viva end receiver Oochie"
  • Rave In Peace (In Memory of Keith Flint) - LITTLE BIG
    "Rave In Peace Rave In Peace Rave In Peace Rave In Peace hey man, now you free let your mind sweep through times hey man, now you free start the fire and breathe with me Rest In Peace Rest In Peace Rest"
  • Dancing - Bauhaus
    "Dancing on hot tiles dancing on tender-hooks dancing down church aisles dancing on holy books dancing on hallowed ground dancing nyjinsky style dancing with the lost and found dancing on rock'n'roll graves"
  • Dancing - Sailor
    "You look a little tired, my dear And quite unlike yourself, I see a tear Falling down across your slender face May I give your hand a little kiss And will you let me stay and reminisce About your world"
  • Dancing - Initial D
    "Deep inside The beating goes louder when I'm not alone on the dance floor Feel alive I'm feeling the power getting hot the phones by the back door Get up tonight Make up your life and bring it on since"
  • Dancing - Barbra Streisand
    "Dolly : Put your hand on her waist and stand With her right in your left hand And one and one two three, ah! one two three, Oh, no, this one...and one two three one two three Cornelius : Look I'm dancing!"
  • Dancing - Hello, Dolly!
    "Dolly Put your hand on her waist and stand With her right in your left hand And one two three, one two three, one two three Cornelius Look I'm dancing! Well, I was. Dolly Of course you were, Mr. Hackl! Take"
  • Dancing - Astrud Gilberto
    "When you called me, late in the night I thought I heard the sounds of dancing And there we were out on the floor And as we looked into our eyes We then would see the days ahead So full of love, we never"
  • Dancing - Ken Hensley
    "You are my life, you are my love You're the heart that beats within me You're the one I'll never leave You're what makes my life worth living And if the worst should come And we must move to a different"
  • Dancing - Asp
    "I see their naked bodies dancing in the blue and black lights And wonder when the first will fall I see the eyes wide open and the tongues that lick some lips The shadows how they're creeping on the wall There"

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