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Deborah to,Anabel

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Deborah to,Anabel

  • Deborah - Jon & Vangelis
    "I read your letter, I got it just the other day... You seem so happy, so funny...how time melts away It's such a pleasure, to see you growing And how you sending your love to the air today I think of"
  • Deborah - Jon Anderson
    "I read your letter, I got it just the other day You seem so happy, so funny how time melts away It's such a pleasure to see you growing And how you're sending your love through the air today I think of"
  • Deborah - Vangelis
    "I read your letterI got it just the other dayYou seem so happySo funny how time melts awayIt's such a pleasureTo see you growingAnd how you're sending your loveThru' the air todayI think of HeavenEach"
  • Deborah Conway's Nightmare - Conway Deborah
    "Deborah Conway Standing like I am all these feet above the crowd Trying to figure out another way to get back on the ground I didn't mean to cause a problem didn't mean to lose my way But now I'm standing"
  • L'Esangue Deborah - Marlene Kuntz
    "L'esangue Deborah si muove gracile e piange al sole, che non colpevole L'esangue Deborah languisce dietro me Mi chiedo se lei sa che osservo il crimine e gocciola di vilt il mio rancore Mi chiedo se"
  • Anabel - Midlake
    "Bring with you a photograph machine one for anabel and one for me we walked to see the crowd that gathered there ontown square a big parade the flutes got paid i'm glad they made a dragon stage the families"
  • Beautiful Anabel Lee - Waylon Jennings
    "(Harlan Howard) I was a child and she was a child Yet our love was something to see My parents were poor I was turned from the door Of my beautiful Anabel Lee. Now the moon never beams without bringing"
  • Last To Know - Conway Deborah
    "Deborah Conway and Paul Kelly I might be the last to know What comes so easy to all my friends I'm so good at letting go Regrets go belly up towards the end Said goodbye so many times It seems a miracle"
  • Give It To Me - Deborah Allen
    "Your sweet kisses, Your tender touch. Those yearnin' glances, Offer your love. I think about it bein' wasted. It's such a cryin' shame. If she don't want it, Give it to me. Your Monday mornin's, Your"
  • Talkin' To My Heart - Deborah Allen
    "My heart is hangin' on to every word you say. Right now, all logic's slipped away. It doesn't anylise your sincerity. It only listens and relives. Don't whisper: "I love you", Unless you know it's true. Be"
  • Just be good to me - Deborah Cox
    "Friends tell me I am crazy That I'm wasting time with you You'll never be mine That's not the way I see it 'Cause I feel you're already mine Whenever you're with me People always talk about Reputation"
  • Nobody supposed to be here - Deborah Cox
    "(Chorus) How did you get here? Nobody's supposed to be here I've tried that love thing for the last time My heart said no, no Nobody's supposed to be here But you came along and changed my mind I've spent"
  • Ode To A Would Be Lover - Deborah Gibson
    "VERSE1: Lay your head down by my side Look that way just one more time And promise me... nothing I know time isn't ours to keep But that doesn't mean I can't watch you sleep Listen to the strength of silence VERSE2: There's"
  • Something Happened On The Way To Heaven - Deborah Cox
    "We had our life, we had our love But you don't know what you've got till you lose it Well that was then and this is now And I want you back, how many times can I say I'm sorry Oh Yes I'm sorry How can"
  • Same Script, Different Cast - Deborah Cox
    "Whitney: um, hey deb? Deborah: Mmm, hmm Whitney Thank you for being woman enough to come Deborah: Whitney, what is this about? Whitney: I know he's leaving me for you Deborah: Who said that? Who told"
  • White Roses - Conway Deborah
    "Deborah Conway and Dorland Bray You weren't the first to send me red roses And you weren't the first to give me away I'm not the only one to have my fingers burnt But that was a one-way conversation and"
  • Cheat The Night - Deborah Allen
    "CHEAT THE NIGHT (Deborah Allen - Rafe VanHoy) The sun is going down now sinking like my heart Nights are getting longer now that we're apart Darkness is a prison that holds me with your memory This time"
  • Only Girl - Conway Deborah
    "Deborah Conway Father I'm so disillusioned Can you see why Easily let down disappointed I know you tried to make things right It's not possible Light the candles fill the ashtray Empty your heart We can"
  • She Prefers Fire - Conway Deborah
    "Deborah Conway She stood on the steps behind a man He lit a cigarette and leaned on the rail The smell of burning made her head clear Thinking all the thoughts she hadn't thought for years Everything that"
  • Alive And Brilliant - Conway Deborah
    "Deborah Conway Way above The clouds ane black They say it's gonna pour but I haven't been keeping track So now we're here In this cage The Ferris wheel of love, my love what a charade It's been a long"

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